Exactly what transpired between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at the Grammys

Exactly what transpired between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at the Grammys

Exactly what transpired between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez at the Grammys, It has been reported that Jennifer Lopez informed Ben Affleck, who is married to her, that he was becoming a meme on social media for appearing “miserable” at the Grammy Awards 2023 on Sunday.

A seat filler for the 65th annual award show claimed that she “sat next to Ben Affleck” during one portion of the evening. During that time, the seat filler saw Jennifer Lopez, 53, show her husband that viewers were pointing out his facial expressions that did not indicate that he was particularly thrilled.

Lo showed Ben Affleck the meme on her phone and said, “Oh my God, honey, look at this meme circulating about you.” Then he spoke the words, “Oh God, this again.” The influencer @almostannna mentioned this in a video uploaded to TikTok on Wednesday. “Like, he knew during the performance that he was a meme,” the influencer said.

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“Like, he knew, and he also decided just not to change his expression!” she said after that. “Like, he knew.” “I adore how carefree that is. I am aware that she was looking at something on her phone when she came across it and said something to the effect of, “Honey, this is so funny, like look at this.” And with that, he exclaimed, “Jesus Christ!”

The TikToker went on to say that although the actor from “Argo,” who was 50 years old, “didn’t look happy” to be there, he and the singer from “On the Floor” were still “sweet and s–t.”

She gushed about the couple and how “lovey-dovey” they were by describing how their hands were continually interlaced. “I’m not sure how to put it into words, but they were just there. Therefore, it wasn’t like, “Oh my God, this is going to lead to divorce” — they were cute!

She concluded her video by relating a “silly” anecdote about when the couple was leaving together. Affleck was said to have pushed up Lopez’s dress too much, prompting Lopez to exclaim, “Honey!”

It didn’t take long for the actor from “Good Will Hunting” and the actress from “Hustlers” to become a matter of heated debate when the latter was caught on camera making several comments to the former while the latter remained expressionless.

Body language expert Judi James revealed in an interview with Page Six that at one point, Jennifer Lopez was observed exhibiting a “knee-jerk” reaction to something Ben Affleck murmured in her ear. James said that the incident was caught on camera.

James shared that “her head swung around in a way that suggested what he had said had stunned her.” “In what appeared to be a control motion, she had one of her hands hold her knee while the other clutched Ben’s thigh. While talking, it looks like she is tapping herself on the chest with the back of her palm, which is more of a checking gesture than a passionate one.

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