Experience of being on set is the most important for me : Vinn Sander

Vinn Sander
Vinn Sander

Be it the popular Dhar Mann Productions’ mini series or films like President Evil and Fear And Desire, American film and TV actor Vinn Sander has garnered praise for all his performances. While the audience applauds him for his good work on screen, the actor says that every project or film he associates with is always a learning experience for him.

“For me, the medium or length of my role doesn’t matter; what matters is the experience of being on the set. That’s valuable. Getting to work with different creative minds, being in front of the camera, being behind the camera and working with other actors feels incredible. One cannot learn these aspects of filmmaking by watching films or going to classes,” says Vinn.

Vinn Sander
                           Vinn Sander

The actor adds that he finds the first-hand experience of developing a film very helpful. So, knowing the process of filmmaking and knowing what others, like the director or editor, look for helps him hone his skills as an actor. He adds that being on the set has made him realise his strengths and weaknesses, and that helps him improve for the next opportunity.

While there are a few acting projects in the pipeline for Vinn, he says that he’s also developing his own scripts. “I will share more details with my fans once we are ready. I am also developing my YouTube channel between projects to deliver content to my fans, across all my social media platforms, which I am passionate about. I promise they will be entertaining,” says Vinn, adding that creating content is a great way to learn because you can explore different characters that you haven’t played yet.

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