Facts you need to know about alcohol and COVID -19

Facts you need to know about alcohol and COVID -19
Facts you need to know about alcohol and COVID -19

Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, a lot of misconceptions have been factors below which have been based on research and WHO guidelines. This will also attempt to bust a few myths surrounding the consumption of alcohol. It will also address misconceptions and rumors being floated on social media which are baseless and untrue.


  • Please note that the consumption of alcohol will not prevent you from contacting COVID -19.


  •  Many cases have been reported of the ingestion of hand sanitizers containing alcohol. This must never be done.   Methanol as an added substance can be life-threatening even if it is taken in small quantities.

          They may cause blindness and kidney disease, among other problems. 


Facts you need to know about alcohol and COVID -19
                                                                                 Facts you need to know about alcohol and COVID -19


  •  Heavy alcohol drinking in fact increases the risk of ARDS or acute respiratory distress syndrome which COVID is known to cause and severe complications may arise thereafter if you are a heavy alcohol drinker and COVID affected.


  • Drinking alcohol will not kill the virus in the air. It’s only the strength of your immune system and the vaccines that can counter this deadly virus.


  • You must never mix alcohol with medications, not even herbal or apparently normal over-the-counter medicines. Alcohol may have an adverse effect on your liver and cause serious problems.


  • Bars, casinos, pubs, etc have been closed because social distancing cannot be maintained in such public places. However, in the current lockdowns, home delivery of alcohol has been allowed in certain states.


  • Avoid excessive drinking during home isolation since if you are alone, you may not be in a frame of mind to register things, etc, you may not be mentally alert and an inebriated condition is not good when alone, Kit may be a health and safety hazard.


       if alcohol makes your feel better to tide over this current crisis, drink in moderation and drink responsibly!


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