Fariba Rahimi Net Worth 2020 – Famous Versace Model And Actress  

Fariba Rahimi Net Worth 2020 – Famous Versace Model And Actress
Some of her works that are available on faribarahimi.com fascinate various members of the fashion industry around the world, but also all other people who adore her

The world is full of supermodels, but not everyone manages to build a successful and unique career. The woman who succeeded in that, achieved world fame, and gave a serious task to other top models is the Iranian beauty, Fariba Rahimi. In addition to the fascinating physical appearance she has, she is also characterized by the incredible strength and independence that were her main allies on the way through life. She is like a good wine that gets better with age. She started living public life very young when she tried out as a supermodel, and then devoted herself to education, then entrepreneurship and left a big mark as a humanist. Her impressive biography couldn’t leave anyone indifferent. What she is especially known for is the career she made working for the famous fashion brand Versace. Fariba is one of the icons of this world-famous fashion house, which has a huge number of customers around the world.

Some of her works that are available on faribarahimi.com fascinate various members of the fashion industry around the world, but also all other people who adore her. Of course, behind such a successful woman is a rich history filled with years of work, education, and experience. We have decided to take you through her biography so that you can more easily understand why her net worth in 2020 is so high.

Brief origin information

The top Fariba model comes from Tehran, the capital of Iran. She was born on September 18, 1979, into a Muslim family. But even though she comes from a religious environment, over the years she changed her attitude towards religion and began to declare herself an atheist. She didn’t spend much time in her hometown because she moved with her family to Turkey, where she started a new life. She didn’t stay in Turkey for long either, but only a few years later she moved to Norway with her family, where she will stay. This country has provided her with a peaceful life and countless opportunities. Despite all the love she has for Norway, she never forgets her Iranian origins of which she is proud.

Fariba Rahimi Net Worth 2020 – Famous Versace Model And Actress


 Fariba has a rich history when it comes to her career. She found herself in the world of modeling when she was 22 years old. A few years later, she realized that she had a lot of interests and that she wanted to be educated in various fields. Because of that, she gave up her previously successful modeling career and turned to school. Sixteen years later she became one of the icons of the fashion company Versace.

Versace is the company and fashion brand that marked her career as a model. Yes, she joined rather late, but the connection between the two was instant. Considering her age, it is no small feat that she’s still one of the most cherished and recognizable faces of this fashion outlet. The 41-year-old has been with the company for a short period but yet managed to leave her mark in the industry, representing this brand. She continues to garner fans from all parts of the world as her Instagram posts contain photos from Versace photo-shots that are followed with wise quotes.

The Italian brand found the qualities that it tries to force to its audience in the Iranian supermodel, making their work together a match made in heaven. When you look at the severe tones Versace releases with their latest collection, younger models couldn’t pull off what Fariba did. The elegance required to star in Versace’s latest pieces can only be found in someone mature enough, with enough life experience and success gained in other fields. If you are curious to check out what we are talking about, be sure to check out her Instagram profile and see it for yourself.

Most of her recent success and reemergence in the modeling world she owes to the people she cooperates within Versace and outside of the company. The name that’s almost always connected with her when it comes to fashion shows and photo-shootings is Maurizio Montani. The Italian photographer is credited for most of her recent photos as he’s n charge of following her on fashion shows and photoshoots. Her work for Italian fashion giants is now well documented on her Instagram page, where she always credits Montani for a job well done. In three years since her return to modeling in 2018, she has a lot to be proud of. Fariba rose through the ranks in Versace, and today she can proudly say that she’s the ambassador for the company. It would be hard for any brand to find a face that could represent them as good.

One of the moments that stood out for both Fariba Rahimi and her fans was her catwalk appearance for the brand she represents during the last years of Milan fashion week. In addition to appearing on the fashion show, Ms. Rahimi also does commercials for Versace and appears as a model on various photoshoots. She’s a perfect material for any photographer, and Maurizio Montani took full advantage of it. The Italian is in charge of taking photos of our favorite Iran/Norwegian model and is credited for her famous sessions for Versace that took place in Tuscany this year and in his prestigious studio in 2019.

Considering that the winter season is upon us, we can expect to see some new pieces from the latest Versace collection on Rahimi. The way she blows our minds this spring and summer sporting sexy dresses and swimsuits, we can only hope that she won’t tie her coat to strongly and all the way up her neck.

In addition to working for Versace, she also realizes that acting is her great passion and becomes famous in this artistic sphere as well. She was a star of African films, which allowed her to spend a lot of time in that country and understand the conditions in which the African people live. This will later motivate her to help them with her good deeds.

And her career achievements don’t end here. At one point in her life, she devoted herself to real estate and tried to find her place in that market. The best indicator of her success on that occasion is her admission to the Forbes Council, which is considered her greatest achievement.

Fariba is currently the owner of two companies – real estate maintenance and construction work with more than 100 employees. This speaks volumes about her ability to be an actress and a model at the same time and to run a private business.

You’d think that’s probably all, but you were wrong. She has devised a way to help people during the COVID 19 pandemic and plans to launch a mobile app that will function with the help of artificial intelligence with which people will be able to recognize symptoms and seek help in time.

What an impressive career, right?

Charity work:

 This Iranian beauty has shown in several situations how much she is affected by the difficult situations in the world in which people find themselves. Many public figures are in favor of humanitarian work, but she has stood out for her good deeds. In Norway, she is also loved because of her prominent human qualities.

In addition to working on an application that will help people during the pandemic, it has other recorded human works in its history. When she started acting and getting roles in African films, she got the opportunity to spend a lot of time on this poor continent. At that time, she was especially disturbed by the difficult life of the locals, which is why she decided to start building a hospital and a school. This project is still ongoing and it’s certainly something for which the locals will be eternally grateful.

Positive impact on people around the world

We are witnessing that the difficult times in which we live are very bad for some people mentally. And not only bad times, but also every failure or fall on the way of life. Because of that, Fariba used her status as a celebrity all the time to motivate people to believe in themselves and change their views of the world and life.

She used her social networks as a tool to help people, by publishing motivational content. Also, her worldwide success, which she achieved, starting from Norway, as a migrant, sends a very strong message to all people who are just trying to reach their life goals.

She wanted to explain to women that modeling and photography for magazines are not taboo and completely tried to change their view of the fashion industry. Also, one of her messages is that with a certain dose of courage and love for modeling, anyone can become a fashion icon. All it takes is self-confidence, regardless of age or origin.

Net worth 2020

When you consider her entire career and hard work, can you guess what her net worth is for 2020? We couldn’t either, but according to some data sources, it amounts to 5 million dollars. The source of her wealth is certainly working with real estate, which she manages very successfully, but also her cooperation with one of the biggest fashion brands – Versace, certainly contributes to high incomes. There is no doubt that we can only expect even greater success in the future.

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