Fashion designing involves integrating the past and the present in your designs says designer Sona Mehandiratta

Sona Mehandiratta
Sona Mehandiratta

Creativity cannot be dissociated from the past, and fashion designing is all about being creative. Noted fashion designer, Sona Mehandiratta has shown this in practice, while launching her new ethnic collection.

Sona Mehandiratta is a Delhi-based designer and has transformed the fashion world with her innovative and popular designs. Sona’s name is synonymous with the glitterati as a talent born out of inner creativity. The fashion circle in Delhi dons her elegant attire with great pride.

Indian celebrities are drawn to the “Zardozi’ ’collection ethnic lounge, that she has founded, with authentic Zari. The exclusivity of the collection founded by Sona Mehandiratta is the hand-woven aspect.

Sona Mehandiratta
                                                                                                                  Sona Mehandiratta

All the wedding outfit orders that they have been worked at with great care. Each item of clothing is given individual attention and hand-tailored. The Indian traditions and conventions are all weaved into contemporary styles to create masterpieces. All the outfits created by Sona Mehandiratta and her team are treasured through generations. Her designs never go out of style. They are created with a vision to last through various generations, with styles that will hold good for many generations to come.

Sona has completed her education from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi, and operates out of Janakpuri in Delhi.   Her initial days were full of challenges and struggles. She overcame these through passion and her single-minded focus on creativity, dedication, and client satisfaction. Word of mouth publicity has ensured that her clientele grows and newer names are being added to her loyal and existing client base. Fashion designing utilizes the creativity of a person to finally come up with designs and creations that satisfy the clients and bring smiles of happiness to their faces.

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