Fight With Your Partner? 30 Days To Get Your Relationship Back On Track

Fight With Your Partner? 30 Days To Get Your Relationship Back On Track

There is nothing more problematic in a relationship than petty arguments caused by silly misunderstandings.

However, it is always what comes after the fight which can act as a big disruption to our day-to-day activities. First is the shouting and the slamming of doors, and then comes the sulking and the periods of silence, where two people living under the same roof start to act like strangers.

Needless to say, it could be harmful to your relationship. It is not harming anyone but your sanity, your partner’s peace, and, moreover, the bond that you two share.

Now, if it is a household with kids, it can cause great distress to not have normalcy at home. So, how do you get your relationship back on track after a nasty fight and ensure that there is no residue which can come back again?

According to the couple’s therapist, a fight is never resolved on its own; it just gets pushed deep under the carpet until it piles up. Thus, we have created a 30-day challenge that will help you and your partner to resolve the fight and find the spark back between you two.

A Thirty-Day Challenge For You

If you see a task all at once, it is most likely to overwhelm you. That is why many believe in this thirty days challenge. Because taking one day at a time is psychologically easier.

Ensure that you are only doing the task assigned and not rushing through it. Like if one day you decide to enjoy your favorite movie, then just be in each other’s arms and do that, leaving the deep talks for some other day.

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1. Talk To Them.


Yes! Drop that ego and go talk to them. You do not have to apologize first.

2. Analyze The Fight


The second is for you to analyze the reason behind the fight with your partner.

3. Call Truce


There need not be a final solution always. Just call a truce.

4. A Promise


Promise to never bring it up again in future fights.

5. Go For A Walk


Go out alone in the park with your partner and just talk.

6. Go For A Movie


Simply set up a movie theater at home and enjoy your favorite movie.

7. Cook Together


It’s the weekend. Drop everything else and cook a meal together.

8. Bring Back Cuddling


Yes it’s cheesy but sometimes that is all you need!

9. Try Out Each Other’s Hobby


Maybe you will end up liking it as well.

10. Watch Sunrise Or Sunset Together.


Brew a hot beverage and enjoy simple delights of nature together.

11. Do A Relationship Quiz


Maybe a naughty one to spice up

12. Plan A Surprise Date


Come home early and plan a surprise to make them feel special.

13. Play A Board Game


Rather than being on your phone, have a laid back night.

14. Make A Couple’s Bucket List


Sit down with your partner and write things you both would love to do.

15. Have Deep Conversations


Not the kind you have everyday. Talk about life and philosophy

16. Do Household Chores Together


Fight us in it! But there is nothing more romantic than doing the dishes together at the end of the night.

17. Make Them Heard


Send them a nice message as a thank you, and tell them they are heard and understood.

18. Slow Dance


Put on your favorite romantic song and slow dance to it. Maybe the one you danced at your wedding(if married)

19. Go Out For An Ice Cream


Go out and have an ice cream together. Enjoy the quiet night life and the sweet delight.

20. Have A Digital Detox


Sometimes the phones can be a nuisance, unplug from everything and be at each other’s company.

21. Go On A Fancy Date


A fancy date is all you need to make each other feel special. You know, putting the effort to make reservations and get dressed.

22. Leave Them A Note


You do not need to be a well known wordsmith to proclaim your love like you did the first time.

23. Send Them A Flirty Text


The spark hasn’t gone missing. It’s there, you just have to catch it.

24. Play A Sexy Game


You can go all in with this, there are no restrictions.

25. Get Up Early Together


Do not leave the house in a rush this morning!

26. Look At Old Pictures & Take A Trip Down The Memory Lane


Could there be anything better than that? Talking about the early days.

27. Take A Bubble Bath Together


This week is turning out to be the one where you do the most intimate things.

28. Recreate Your First Date


Go to the same location or eat the same dinner.

29. Write Them A Letter


Pour all your feelings in that letter and read it out loud.

30. Renew Your Vows


By the end of the month, renew the promises you have made to each other.


Appreciation & Gratitude!

At times, with anger we might let the selfish side take over use. However, we must understand a simple appreciation and a little gratitude can go a long way.

So, why not end the fight on that note and start anew!

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