Flooding in China allows dozens of crocodiles to make their way to safety.

Flooding in China allows dozens of crocodiles to make their way to safety.

Flooding in China allows dozens of crocodiles to make their way to safety. According to Chinese authorities, during flooding caused by Typhoon Haikui, dozens of crocodiles escaped from a breeding facility in southern China.

Approximately seventy-five crocodiles escaped when a lagoon in Maoming, Guangdong province, overflowed.

While some were apprehended, others were shot or electrocuted “for safety reasons.” According to Chinese state media, eight reptiles have been captured, leaving dozens at large.

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Adjacent villagers have been instructed to remain indoors. More than a week ago, Typhoon Haikui tore through South Asia, affecting China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan.

In southern China, the typhoon now downgraded to a tropical storm, has caused landslides and inundation, resulting in the death of seven people and the disappearance of three others. According to Maoming’s Emergency Management Bureau, 69 adult and 6 juvenile crocodiles escaped following the inundation.

No fatalities have been confirmed, but officials have acknowledged that some reptiles remain in deep water. Sonar equipment has been used by emergency services to locate them.

“It is currently under control, but the number of crocodiles that escaped is a bit high,” a district emergency bureau member told the state-run Dazhong Daily.

A firefighter informed Chinese media that most of the recaptured crocodiles were killed by gunfire.

They are reportedly Siamese crocodiles, according to the Washington Post. According to Crocodiles of the World, a UK zoo, these freshwater reptiles can develop up to 3 meters or nearly 10 feet long.

The average weight of the captured adult crocodiles is approximately 75 kilograms, and their length exceeds two meters, according to the firefighter.

In Maoming, Guangdong province, there are several crocodile ranches. They are also raised for their skin and flesh.

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