For feline students, the University of Tulsa constructs cat cottages

For feline students, the University of Tulsa constructs cat cottages

For feline students, the University of Tulsa constructs cat cottages, The University of Tulsa (TU) has constructed semi-permanent shelters for the cats who live on campus. These shelters have been termed “cat condos.”

A representative for the university named Mona Chamberlin stated that there are approximately two dozen cats that have been living on the campus of the university for at least ten years.

She also mentioned that during the summer months, TU undertakes renovations all across campus. The university made the decision to construct between six and eight cat condominiums after becoming aware of the presence of cats on campus.

Chamberlin expressed her excitement at the fact that the cats now have shelters that are partly permanent.

She also mentioned that the condos are an excellent way to ensure that the cats have a safe location to get out of the weather, and that the condos are put in close proximity to the area where they are currently fed and cared for.

In addition to their newly constructed condos, TU collaborates with T-Town TNR to ensure that the cats are fed, spayed, and neutered. This is done not just to ensure that the cats remain healthy, but also to ensure that the university and the neighbors in the surrounding area are not negatively impacted by them.

The students have a soft spot for cats.

Vinni Knox, who manages one of the university’s Instagram accounts dedicated to cats, stated that she “freaked out” when she first discovered the cat condominiums.

Because of the rapid shifts in temperature that can occur in Oklahoma, she expressed her gratitude that a safe haven had been established for the cats.

In addition to this, Knox mentioned that students don’t always have the opportunity to view the cats and that following the TU cat Instagram accounts is one of the best methods to stay updated on the cats. The ‘tu cats2’ account is the one that Knox manages, but there is also the ‘tu cats1’ account.

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