Fox News Will Not Carry Thursday Jan 6 Hearing Live

Fox News Will Not Carry Thursday Jan 6 Hearing Live

Fox News Will Not Carry Thursday Jan 6 Hearing Live: The most popular cable news network in the country, Fox is favored by conservatives, Republicans, and supporters of the late President Donald Trump. But Fox Business Network, which receives somewhat less attention, and its digital sites were left to carry its live coverage of the hearing on Thursday, January 6.

It would have been unwelcome information for many core Fox News viewers to have seen the continuous documentation of the coordinated attack on the Capitol in January of last year and the concomitant attempt to obstruct the November 2020 presidential elections. After all, the committee’s two heads, Republican Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Democrat Bennie Thompson of Mississippi, accused Trump of trying to start a coup.

As it turned out, the hearings would have also frequently required Fox to broadcast outright contradictions of what numerous prominent Fox News presenters, including Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, have informed their audiences over the past 18 months. Instead, their prime-time programming on Thursday went without a commercial break, providing a counterpoint to a hearing that displayed graphic details of a national emergency.

They did not additionally direct viewers to Fox’s other platforms for coverage.

Thompson and Cheney made explicit and subtle criticisms of Fox and its leaders during the session. Thompson criticized the public conspiracy notions that were being spread. In a three-part series, Carlson made a name for himself by advocating for a “Patriot Purge,” claiming that the Biden administration was unfairly targeting decent Americans who had taken part in a legitimate demonstration on January 6. Even before he aired them, the accusations he made in his series were largely debunked.

Even though he had not attended the hearing, Carlson assured viewers on Thursday night that it was propaganda. Carlson also downplayed the Capitol siege as mere vandalism. In a time of unrest, several of those protesters demanded to be brought Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

While Cheney was reading aloud emails from Fox anchor and frequent Trump adviser Hannity to Trump White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Hannity also downplayed the harm done. Off-air, Hannity cautioned Trump not to continue discussing annulling the election. After the initial few days, Hannity downplayed the severity of the attacks in public.

Cheney brought up William Barr’s warning that the allegations of election fraud were unfounded and that the assertions that the voting machines of Dominion Voting Systems had been tampered with were “crazy stuff,” who served as Trump’s final confirmed attorney general.

There are 1.6 billion reasons, to be exact, why Fox News might not want to broadcast that life. In the weeks following the 2020 elections, Fox’s hosts, personalities, and guests made a lot of similar assertions. Later, Dominion filed a $1.6 billion defamation lawsuit against Fox, which is currently pending. Fox’s legal case rests on the claim that it was only reporting on public discourse and important persons’ views. not on Fox News, though. At the very least, not on Thursday night in prime time and not live.

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