German industrialist discovered dismembered in Thai freezer

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German industrialist discovered dismembered in Thai freezer. A German businessman was discovered dismembered and packed in a freezer in the southern Thai town of Nong Prue on Monday night, a week after he was reported missing.

Hans Peter Walter Mack, a 62-year-old real estate broker, was discovered after police used security footage to locate the residence he was found in, approximately a quarter mile from where his gray Mercedes-Benz was found parked, according to Viral Press. 

Mack was reported missing by his wife, Piraya Boonmak, 24, who resided with him in the city of Pattaya in the Chonburi province, just west of where the 62-year-old was discovered in Nong Prue, a reportedly upscale, foreigner-friendly community.

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The reward reportedly offered by Mack’s family was three million Thai Baht, or over $86,000.  Thai police detected traces of a cleaning agent on the seats, dashboard, and steering wheel of Mack’s vehicle. Police suspect that the disappearance of a large quantity of money from Mack’s bank account is related to his brutal death.

The manner of Mack’s death has not been disclosed.  Local news sources also indicated that Mack, who was 56 at the time, was arrested in February 2018 on suspicion of juvenile sex trafficking.

Hans Peter Walter Mack, a German expat, was arrested after it was discovered that have followed Amornrat Kateuy, who transported a 17-year-old female on a motorcycle, to a residence in Nong Prue, according to reports.

Amornrat and a girl were spotted in the residence by police who were monitoring it in response to allegations of child prostitution. According to an allegation by a Thai news outlet, a shirtless German later emerged from a bedroom.

After breaking into the residence, Thai police allegedly discovered a 15-year-old girl in the bedroom wearing only a towel; she allegedly told police that the man had purchased a “sexual service” from her. 

Amornrat and Mack were accused with human trafficking and procuring a sex service from a minor; however, Fox News Digital was unable to confirm whether Mack was ever charged or whether any legal proceedings followed the arrest. 

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