Get to Know About the Status and Legality of Gambling and Other Sports Casinos Operating in Tanzania, Africa

Get to Know About the Status and Legality of Gambling and Other Sports Casinos Operating in Tanzania, Africa

Tanzania is one of the East African countries which become prominent for its unmatchable services procured to safeguard wildlife in the form of Kilimanjaro National Park and Serengeti National Park. Apart from that, the country is well-known for being home to established sports casinos which were previously known by natives as Summer Houses or simply Villas which are furnished with all the meaningful means of entertainment for potential and novice players.

Dig deep into the article to know more about the legal status of casino Tanzania, East Africa, and examples of online casinos etc.

The legality of Online Gambling and Casino Gambling in Tanzania

As per reports studied on the subject matter, online gambling has been considered a legal thing to do in Tanzania since 1999. However, such casinos were operated without the issuance of a license by the authoritative group. In 2013, the license was provided by the Gaming Board of Tanzania to operate an online casino in the state. The first licensed casino was iplay8 Casino. One of the setbacks of this casino was that it didn’t allow local players of Tanzania to take advantage of it or to get entertained by the luxurious services provided by the authorities. Only international players were allowed to enjoy the services in the beginning.

Why Should You Pay a Visit to Licensed Casinos? 

It is one of the most important things to undertake before completely indulging yourself in the business. This is because licensed casinos ensure protection to you and provide you with the services that other casinos do not provide. You must invest money in licensed casinos because;

  • Licensed casinos ensure fair gameplay
  • Such casinos take into account the interests of players and give them the required amount of confidence
  • Such casinos respond to you instantly and clear out any misunderstanding that you might have developed in the process
  • Such casinos are backed by the government so there are minimal chances of fraudulent activities in comparison to other online casinos

Examples of Online Casinos 

1. 22 Bet Betting Company 

22 Bet is one of the most popular, up-and-becoming companies that provide space for sports lovers to bet over a bunch of games like volleyball, cricket, floorball, football, table tennis, curling, ski jumping, baseball, and much more. The company envelopes more than 1 thousand events daily so that players can cherish the happenings taking place in the world of sports to the fullest.

2. Win a Day Casino 

Win a Day Casino was established in 2007. This online casino is known best for providing substantial introductory packages, acceptance of all types of cryptocurrencies, and a bunch of hefty cash-backs and cash prizes. 24/7 services are available. However, terms and conditions vary from one region to the other. One of the setbacks of this casino is that it allows the feeblest withdrawal of roughly 100 to 150 USD.

Final Thoughts 

Tanzania is one of the East African countries where gambling casinos were made legal in the late 1990s. However, licenses were issued after a decade of its legality. To know more about the status of online gambling casinos – Tanzania, contact us!


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