Giovannie Gonzalez – the new professional boxer in Northern California

Giovannie Gonzalez
Giovannie Gonzalez

A new household name that has emerged on the horizon of Northern California is that of Giovannie Gonzalez. His go-getter, aggressive style has caught the attention of his audience and won him a lot of fan following. He has trained from Stockton California, which is recognized for the thug reputation that it enjoys. Some of the best fighters like Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz, Yaqui Lopez and now Giovannie Gonzalez are from here.

Giovannie ” KingGio” Gonzalez as he is popularly called has been fighting since he was only 14 years old.  However, his fighting as never only in the boxing ring. He went to the flea market, after he bought two pairs of boxing gloves. He would just go out and ask anybody interested to fight with him. After 17 years now “King Gio” or Giovannie Gonzalez is the recipient of the UBO title or the Universal Boxing Organization’s Super FeatherWeight world title.

Giovannie Gonzalez
                                                                                                     Giovannie Gonzalez

Giovannie ” KingGio” Gonzalez also holds a first as the first professional fighter who was signed to the prestigious GRANT boxing brand. This was founded by Elvis Grant.  Boxing gloves to ” Tripple G “Golovkin, Floyd Mayweather Jr Gennady & Teofimo Lopez have been provided by Elvis Grant to them, amongst many other prestigious names.

Gennady ” Tripple G “Golovkin holds a world title and is also the CEO of KingGio Boxing Promotions, his promotional company in boxing.

He is creating a new record by staying undefeated at 11-6-1. His career is still on an upswing and is far from over.

Giovannie Gonzalez is well reputed and often compared to Floyd Mayweather Jr, & Oscar de la hoya on account of his boxing vision. Over the years he has become a well reputed and powerful figure in Northern California. 

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