Good news for travelers – Greece opens to tourists!

Good news for travellers – Greece opens to tourists !
Good news for travellers – Greece opens to tourists !

Greece finally brings a ray of hope to the tourism industry. It has been formally declared that all foreign tourists who can produce a COVID-19 test result or have been vaccinated can now enter Greece.

The tourism season has officially opened now. Greece tourism is very popular and a major revenue earning avenue for the country. The government is hopeful that it will bounce back to business soon. The tourism industry all over the world has taken a major know out blow due to the pandemic.

Greece had imposed strict lockdown rules for many months and their COVID -19 situation has improved drastically. The country is reputed for its museums and cultural heritage. It has a series of archaeological sites namely the ancient Acropolis and others which are major sources of tourist attraction.

Good news for travellers – Greece opens to tourists !
                            Good news for travelers – Greece opens to tourists!

Travel between various islands and regions will be permitted after the production of the relevant certificates and other documentation.

Greece has rolled out vaccines to a major part of its population, and it has also conducted RTPCR tests.  The Government is optimistic that these measures including the warmer weather which promotes outdoor activities will go a long way in effectively curbing the spread of the deadly COVID -19 virus. In 2020 Greece recorded only 7 million visitors, as compared to the year 2019 when it had recorded 33 million. From 18 billion euros the revenue from tourism dipped to only 4 billion euros.

During the first wave of COVID- 19 as compared to the rest of Europe, Greece was not as badly hit. Then later the infection spread rapidly causing a lot of damage. The lockdowns in place and strict restrictions saw that the country stood up on its feet strong enough to welcome back tourists that are a backbone of the country and contribute a major chunk to its’ revenue.

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