Gousia Ajaz Khan through her book “Thorn in your throat” encourages the reader to be empathetic

Gousia Ajaz Khan
Gousia Ajaz Khan

Gousia Ajaz Khan emphasises the need to be closely observant of your fellow human beings. People generally look for motivation outside and most commonly settle for motivation through words. Gousia Ajaz Khan’s book “Thorn in Your Throat,” explores the motivation that people seek outside their beings in books, pictures, artworks, posters and many other things.

It is believed that words are a source of divine energy that carry healing power. This power can change a person’s life completely. Gousia Ajaz Khan mentions that her inspiration for writing this book was to address this very motivation that human beings seek in their lives. She mentions how her strong power of observation made her realize the silent sufferings of other human beings around her. She realized that most of them hide their feelings and refrain from expressing anything clearly to others including their family members.

Gousia Ajaz Khan t
                           Gousia Ajaz Khan

Their troubled state of mind causes great distress for them as well as all those they come in contact with. This makes them unaware of the beauty of their lives and the beautiful things around them. This results in bad decisions. However, the author mentions that bad decisions if made should not be considered stigmas and lead to depression in an individual’s life. Through a message in the book, she attempts to kill the fear that surrounds bad decisions and other stigmas that rules a person’s life completely. She wants the individuals to free their minds of fears. The author encourages individuals to open up, and face their worries and fears. She wants them to face rejections or defeats boldly. Gousia Ajaz Khan also understands that it is easy to give advice but that is not what will help individuals. There are challenges and breakdowns that need to be faced and coped with effectively by all individuals.


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