Harm Franklin carries his love for writing to create great music

Harm Franklin
Harm Franklin

Harm Franklin is a Toronto born artist. In 2021 he moved to Los Angeles after he featured with Curtis Waters in a song that was titled “Stunnin.” This single was placed for 16 weeks at the charts and rose in Canada to #5 on the Billboard 40 Airplay. After this single of his met with great success Harm Franklin decided to record a new video and song for the remaining year and titled it the Chronicles Season One.

Harm Franklin has been dominating the music arena in the past year. He grew up in Calgary and had a great passion for writing his thoughts after observing the general loving conditions around him. This love for writing eventually translated to creating music.

Harm Franklin
                                        Harm Franklin

How Much I Got Left, is one of his latest tracks and falls into the late-night melodic genre of music. The harmony is smooth and blend well with the beats right from the beginning to the end. Music lovers are advised to check the collaborative joint in association with Cloude which is titled Pacman.

Much of the success of Harm Franklin is due to social media. He is in the spotlight on account of his immense popularity on YouTube, Instagram, SoundCloud and so on. He has worked very hard to achieve his current success. Harm spoke about his early years in an interview with Rolling Stone and recounts how people used to tell him how difficult it would be or him, because of the approach of Americans to Brown people. However, there were artists like him in Canada and people had appreciated the. Harm had to tide over a lot of industry challenges but emerged victorious. He toured Europe with International rapper Tymek. This was a tour that was spread over six countries and was very successful.

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