Here is All You Need to Know about Why Mini AOC New Parody Videos Are Not Coming Out!

Here is All You Need to Know about Why Mini AOC New Parody Videos Are Not Coming Out!

An 8-year-old child artist said goodbye to shooting parody videos after her family received threatening calls from suspicious numbers and death threats from anonymous individuals. 8-year-old Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, or Mini AOC, is best known for making funny parody videos on YouTube that most people find humiliating and insulting.

Mini AOC, or Ava Martinez, had millions of fans on her social media accounts that would find joyous moments in her fun-packed videos. Things started to go the wrong way when her mother made a public announcement that Ava would no longer take part in shooting fun-filled videos and that all the videos that were uploaded previously on her account would be removed soon.

On his Twitter account, the stepfather, Salvatore Schachter, of Ava Martinez wrote,  17-Year-Old Nigerian-American Girl Astonished Everyone with Her Acceptance Letters from 8 Ivy League Universities

“The Left’s Harassment and death threats have gone too far for our family. We have been gels on our personal phone numbers. For our safety and our child’s safety, we deleted all Mini AOC accounts.”

Sharing the condition of the family with Fox News, Salvatore Schachter proclaimed that the majority of followers were loving the content Mini AOC was posting, but those who didn’t like the content hated the content to the fullest.

He told the leading news channel that the family was receiving ‘dangerous and dark comments’ from the haters and that they couldn’t just overlook the situation. Deleting all social media accounts was the best option for them. He told the media persons,

“She’s disappointed at not doing Mini AOC going forward, but we explained that this is for the best, and she’s okay with it.”

Videos of Mini AOC were enjoyed by every age group. Wishing her luck and prosperous life!

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