Hip Hop stars to create medical knowledge and awareness- medical student Hanna Shanar is promoting this!

Hanna Shanar
Hanna Shanar

There are very few individuals who are inspired by a zeal to work for others and their betterment. A few enter professions and before they even graduate, they start passing on the benefits of their profession to others. Hanna Shanar who is a medical student and a future physician has started using his connections and influence to create health consciousness amongst the public. Hanna Shanar feels it is his moral obligation as a medical professional to inform the public about the world of knowledge that the medical world houses.

Hanna Shanar
Hanna Shanar

This second-year medical student enjoys a good social media presence, His other noteworthy credentials include getting the privilege of work exposure to one of the Forbes ranked 25 cardiologists of the world. Hanna Shanar’s recent and most unique venture to date is as the CEO of Rap Group Management. Through this Instagram advertising platform which targets all aspiring rap artists and hip-hop artists, Hanna has ambitious plans of promoting health consciousness amongst the youth and other members of the public.

This popular network has 2 million followers currently. Hanna zeroed down on this platform as one with a massive reach because Instagram he believes is very popular in the youth of the world. He is of the firm belief that he and his team will be able to penetrate the huge young population using this platform to impart useful information on health. The influence of hip-hop stars and artists who are widely followed by the younger generation will facilitate this cause.

Although Hanna as a medical student has huge academic obligations and course work, he still finds time to chart out a path for conducting these plans of his and realizing them soon for the benefit of mankind.

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