Home of fired Florida coronavirus curator raided by agents

Home of fired Florida coronavirus curator raided by agents

Rebekah Jones, had been under investigation by Florida authorities for an alleged hack into the state’s emergency alert health system, since early November. This followed the discovery that somebody had accessed the state’s emergency alert health system illegally. She had been fired in May for unauthorized public comments pertaining to the data.

She had rasied many questions about the COVID-19 data in Florida. After being warned not to do that, she had finally been fired for making public remarks about the information.

Subsequent to her firing she had been very active on social media, criticizing Ron De Santis the Republican Governor and his state agencies. For many months she has been presenting herself as being victimized for speaking out the truth. However, no evidence to support her claims has surfaced. During the early days of the pandemic she had written several blog posts reaching out to various media outlets, planting doubts about the credibility of the data. She also mentioned how the managers of the health department were asking her to manipulate date to paint a rosier picture, which she had denied to do. She reiterated the importance of the data as being crucial to controversial decisions being made by the governor regarding the re -opening of the Florida economy. The State health officials however, maintain that the data is accurate. Commenting on her firing the Republican governor said that she had displayed insubordination very often and should have been fired earlier.

                                                         Home of fired Florida coronavirus curator raided by agents

She was served the search warrant in her Tallahassee home by agents after they received a complaint from the Department of Health mentioning unauthorized access to its emergency alert system. Spokeswoman for the department Gretl Plessinger said that someone at their residence in Centerville court had illegally accessed the system. 

Jones later on posted video footage of the incident. Jones in a tweet put out on Monday saying that scientists like her who try to speak out the truth suffer this fate.

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