How Can E-Transfer RBC Be Cancelled? Here Are 2 Simple Solutions!

How Can E-Transfer RBC Be Cancelled? Here Are 2 Simple Solutions!

Online money transfers to family and acquaintances are commonplace and straightforward. However, we do tend to make errors on occasion. Additionally, have you entered an invalid email address, quantity, or other information? How Can E-Transfer RBC Be Cancelled? Not to fear! Whatever the reason may be, we are prepared to assist you.

Royal Bank of Canada, or RBC, is a prominent North American financial institution and one of the largest banks in Canada. It offers a wide range of banking services to its clientele, including insurance, financial management, personal and business banking, and more.

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You may cancel your E-Transfer as an RBC account bearer by adhering to the instructions in this article. Even if the recipient has not yet deposited the funds into their account, RBC account holders can rescind the electronic transfer.

How Do I Cancel An E-Transfer On The RBC Mobile App?

To terminate an E-Transfer through the RBC mobile app, you must initially login to your account. 

Once the transfer you wish to cancel has been located in your payment history, select Cancel Transfers. 

Without a cancel button, the funds have already been transferred to the recipient’s account, and they are registered for the auto-deposit feature. The transfer cannot be canceled or reversed under such circumstances.

How Do You Cancel An RBC E-Transfer Through Online Banking? 

You have an additional 30 days to terminate the E-Transfer if the recipient still needs to accept the funds. Additionally, the Avion points that were utilized will be refunded to your Avion account.

Launch a web browser and proceed with the login process for online banking. 

Navigate to the account summary page, followed by the payment history option. At this juncture, your sole obligation would be to choose the transaction that you wish to terminate. 

Following the on-screen instructions will be necessary to terminate the electronic transfer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Terminate My RBC Auto Deposit?

Register for RBC online banking to modify or discontinue the E-Transfer automatic deposit. To cancel or alter an auto deposit, navigate to the section labeled “Auto Deposit” and select the “Edit” option.

How Can the Complete E-Transfer History Be Viewed On RBC?

By accessing the payment history section of RBC online banking, you can view your entire payment history. Additionally, the status of your ongoing transmission can be viewed.

Can Payments Be Canceled Or Modified Through RBC?

Indeed, it is simple to modify or cancel your RBC payments via online banking. Navigate to the Manage Payments and Transfers section and locate the Cancel Payments option.


You can use electronic transfer to transmit funds to anyone who has an account at a financial institution and has provided their registered mobile number or email address. 

However, if you have erred or wish to rescind the transfer for any reason, you will be able to do so with ease using the information in this article to cancel your E-transfer with RBC.

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