How Can EyeMed Insurance Be Cancelled? 3 Methods To Cancel!

How Can EyeMed Insurance Be Cancelled? 3 Methods To Cancel!

You may also reach them via telephone at 866.939.3633 (if enlisted through an employer) or 844.225.3107 (if not enrolled through an employer). 

How Can EyeMed Insurance Be Cancelled? Maintain direct and transparent communication with their team. Request insurance cancellation; they will subsequently ascertain your status as the policyholder. Once it has been confirmed, your insurance will be canceled. 

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How Can EyeMed Insurance Be Canceled Through A Contact Form?

Additionally, the EyeMed Team provides a Contact Us Form through which its providers and members can submit general inquiries. 

You may also submit this form to your team by selecting “Other” in the “Inquiry Regarding” section. 

Once they contact you, you may ask their team about terminating your insurance coverage.  

If they do not approve your cancellation request, you should cancel the insurance policy via phone or email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A single EyeMed plan has been purchased. Is A Waiting Period Applicable?

The EyeMed Individual plan does not impose a waiting period.

How Can EyeMed’s Customer Service Be Contacted?

The EyeMed customer service department can be reached at [email protected] or through the toll-free numbers 844-225.3107 and 866-939-3633. 

Visit the EyeMed Contact Page and complete their Contact Us Form to receive assistance.


You should now be aware that to cancel your EyeMed insurance, you can do so via phone or email. Both approaches are straightforward and expeditious. Select any of the options and proceed with the cancellation confirmation.

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