How Can MyHeritage AI Subscription Be Canceled?

How Can MyHeritage AI Subscription Be Canceled?

MyHeritage Platform is one of the most distinctive tools available in the field of artificial intelligence. Its service has a large subscriber base. This post is for you if, for any reason, after utilizing it, you want to cancel your MyHeritage Subscription. 

For individuals who are alone in this world, MyHeritage is a great resource. By providing basic personal information, you can develop and locate your family tree on this type of DNA web platform. You may explore and search about 19.4 billion people’s records in its database using photographs. 

How Can MyHeritage AI Subscription Be Canceled? By following the instructions outlined in this article, you can cancel your MyHeritage AI subscription from either the MyHeritage website or the MyHeritage app. 

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This entire post will provide you with a ton of incredible and helpful information regarding ending your MyHeritage subscription or free trial. 

Is MyHeritage AI Subscription Cancelable?

It is possible to cancel your subscription to MyHeritage AI. It is preferable to inform the team of a cancellation at least one day prior to the new subscription date because the subscription renews automatically. 

How Do I Cancel A MyHeritage App Purchased Subscription?

The only places to cancel your MyHeritage subscription if you bought it through the MyHeritage app are the iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play) stores. Depending on the type of phone you have, follow these instructions to cancel the MyHeritage Subscription. 

Users of Android Cancel MyHeritage.

  • Open the app in the Google Play Store.
  • Select the Menu option located at the top.
  • Select Subscriptions.
  • Choose a subscription to MyHeritage.
  • Press and hold the Cancel Subscription menu.

Users of iOS Cancel MyHeritage.

  • Navigate to the settings on iOS.
  • Select the Name by clicking.
  • To manage, choose MyHeritage Subscription.
  • Select “Cancel Subscription.”

Note: You will be automatically paid for the MyHeritage App subscription if you remove it from your device without first canceling it. 

Therefore, it’s crucial that you uninstall the app from your smartphone after canceling the subscription. 

How Do I Cancel MyHeritage Subscription Renewal Through The Website?

As you are aware, your MyHeritage Subscription automatically renews itself at the conclusion of each billing cycle and deducts the subscription fee from your account automatically. 

These instructions will let you stop your MyHeritage Subscription from renewing automatically if you bought it through their website. 

  • Open the browser and navigate to the MyHeritage website.
  • From the Home Page, tap on your name.
  • Go to the “My purchases” page.
  • Below the “My Purchases” column, select “Complete Subscriptions,” “Data Subscriptions,” or “Site Subscriptions.”
  • To view the status of your subscription, tap “View Details.”
  • The “Cancel Subscription” button can be clicked to stop the auto-renewal. 

How Can I Cancel MyHeritage AI Subscription By Phone?

If you have any problems terminating your membership, you can also call their customer care team at the number provided to discuss your options. 

Contact the MyHeritage support team at 1-844-994-1888 and request that the subscription be canceled. 

Check out this chart for phone numbers broken down by nation. 


Country  Customer Care Phone Number
Australia (+61) 1800 841 735
Canada 1 833 907 1800
Ireland  (+353) 1800 944 240
NewZealand (+64) 0800 627 020 
USA 1-844-994-1888
United Kingdome (+44) 080 8164 8606
Other Locations +1 385 334 3981


How Can MyHeritage Free Trail Be Canceled?

To end your MyHeritage Free Trial on the website, take these actions. 

  • Enter the MyHeritage Account Login.
  • Press your name at the top.
  • Access My Purchases.
  • From the left side, choose “Data Subscriptions” or “Complete Subscription.” (based on the kind of membership you now have)
  • Select “View Details” by tapping on it.
  • Click “Stop Free Trial Now” after that. 

What Is The Process To End My Free App Trial?

To end the free trial on your mobile device, follow these instructions if you are using the MyHeritage App. 

Android: Go to the Menu > Subscriptions > MyHeritage Subscription > Cancel Subscription using the Google Play Store app. 

iOS: Settings > Apple ID > Subscriptions > MyHeritage Subscription > Free Trail Cancelled. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Refund For MyHeritage Cancelled Subscription?

MyHeritage offers a money-back guarantee for thirty days. You will undoubtedly receive a refund if you ask for one within 30 days of making the purchase and cancel the subscription.

You must get in touch with the MyHeritage Customer Support Team in order to receive a refund. 

How Do I Contact MyHeritage Customer Service?

Please call their team at 1-844-994-1888 if you have any questions or issues about the MyHeritage Terms and Conditions agreement. For other phone numbers, see the Contact Page. 

Customer Support MyHeritage Ltd. PO Box 50, Terminal Park, Or Yehuda 6037606, Israel is where you can direct your inquiries.


We will now wrap up today’s article. We hope that you are now prepared to independently cancel your MyHeritage Subscription. Get in touch with their customer care team if you need any assistance.

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