How Do I Cancel My Auto Insurance With ICBC?

How Do I Cancel My Auto Insurance With ICBC?

The benefits provided to you by your ICBC insurance policy do not meet your expectations. As a result, you are considering canceling your coverage with ICBC Insurance and transferring to a different provider.

ICBC is an auto insurance company that guarantees road safety and offers coverage for your vehicles. They also provide driver’s licenses and identification. How Do I Cancel My Auto Insurance With ICBC? To cancel your ICBC insurance, please follow the steps below:

Visit the AutoPlan Broker and ask for their assistance with the cancellation process.

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How Does One Cancel ICBC Insurance?

To cancel your ICBC Insurance policy, please get in touch with the AutoPlan Broker. Before visiting the Autoplan Broker, ensure that you have the following items with you. 

Owner’s Certificate for Primary and Secondary Identification License Plates (Registration and Insurance) 

Both proprietors of the vehicle are required to attend the office. 

ICBC Policy Cancellation for Payment Plan Clients

Canceling your order before the due date is mandatory if you are enrolled in the payment plan. Visit the AutoPlan Broker to obtain responses to all inquiries about the cancellation of the policy. 

Revocation of Your Policy Upon the Sale of Your Vehicle

Consult the AutoPlan Broker if you wish to cancel your policy after selling your vehicle. Ensure that your license plates and insurance documentation are always with you. 

The AutoPlan Broker will subsequently advise you to either cancel the insurance policy or transfer it to another individual. 

Revocation of Your Policy Regarding Leasing the Vehicle

You should then initiate contact with the leasing company. To cancel your ICBC policy, you must obtain permission from the leasing company which possesses your vehicle. 

Cancelling Your Policy Outside of British Columbia

Cancellation of the ICBC Policy outside of British Columbia is contingent on the possession or absence of British Columbia license plates.  If another individual possesses B.C. plates, you are required to mail them to their team with the following information: 

A letter of cancellation bearing your signature, license plate number, phone number, and address

A photocopy of the documentation proving that your vehicle registration is not in British Columbia.

Plates, photocopies, and cancellation letters should be mailed to the following address:

  • ICBC Refunds Objections
  • 151-room 205 West Esplanade
  • V7M 3H9 North Vancouver, British Columbia

If License Plates Have Been Surrendered, Provide their team with a cancellation letter, the license plate number, your new phone number and address, and a copy of the receipt indicating that your license plates have been returned. 

Your cancellation letter may be mailed to the Cancellations Room of ICBC, located at 151 West Esplanade, North Vancouver, British Columbia V7M 3H9. 

By sending an electronic mail to [email protected] or faxing to 604-661-6727.  Policy Cancellation Upon Departure of the Registered Owner. If the vehicle’s registered owner dies, you must contact the AutoPlan Broker as soon as possible to cancel the policy and receive a refund. 

How Does One Cancel ICBC Insurance While Traveling Out of Province?

To cancel your ICBC insurance policy while traveling out of the province, please dial the following numbers.  American, Canadian, and British Columbia 1-800-663-3051 Lower Mainland  604-661-2800 Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Saturday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Sunday Occupied

Frequently Asked Questions

Is An ICBC Cancel Insurance Refund Possible?

To receive a refund, you must promptly cancel your ICBC policy. 

Can I temporarily suspend my insurance coverage?

No, it is not permissible to temporarily halt your ICBC insurance coverage. 

How Can I Make Contact With ICBC Customer Service?

You can obtain contact information via the ICBC Contact Page. 


To cancel your ICBC insurance policy, follow the procedures as mentioned above. Ensure you have secured coverage from a superior insurance provider before terminating your ICBC membership.

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