How Do You Cancel Your COBRA Insurance? Simple Methods!!

How Do You Cancel Your COBRA Insurance? Simple Methods!!

You discovered Cobra Insurance to be quite costly; therefore, you wish to cancel the policy. If you are unaware of it, you will receive appropriate guidance here. 

How Do You Cancel Your COBRA Insurance? COBRA Insurance is a temporary and unique health insurance policy provided to employees and their dependents if their employer-sponsored health insurance coverage is terminated or lost. It is equivalent to an emergency insurance policy. 

To terminate your COBRA Insurance coverage, please notify your Plan Administrator with a request to rescind your coverage. 

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What is the cost of COBRA coverage? Is COBRA Cancellable At Any Moment?

Monthly premiums for COBRA insurance can vary from $400 to $700 per policyholder. Yes, at any time you may terminate your COBRA insurance. Canceling coverage is exclusively within the rights of the policyholder. 

How Can COBRA Insurance Be Cancelled?

There are innumerable potential motives for terminating COBRA coverage. This coverage may be too expensive for you, you locate a better insurance provider, you change jobs, or you do something else. 

Canceling your COBRA Insurance is possible for any reason; provide written notice to your Plan Administrator with a request to terminate your coverage. 

Additionally, the Plan Administrator is tasked with the responsibility of facilitating your premium payments and furnishing you with the insurance plan. 

A letter of validation of your COBRA insurance cancellation will be sent to you by your former employer upon cancellation. 


Additionally, their customer service department can assist you in canceling your COBRA insurance coverage. Inquire with the COBRA customer service department at 1-877-262-7241 regarding the steps required to terminate your coverage. 

They will subsequently assist you with the cancellation process. Last, as stated in the preceding heading, is to seek assistance from your plan administrator. 

How Can COBRA Insurance Be Canceled Using Live Chat?

Go to the website for COBRA insurance.

Select “Live Chat” by clicking the icon on the right.

Choose “New Conversation”

Choose I Must Cancel My COBRA 

The agent will then assist you in canceling the insurance. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I Get A Refund If I Cancel COBRA?

You may terminate your COBRA insurance by submitting a written request to your Plan Administrator to do so. However, reimbursements are not available following the termination of coverage. 

When is a 36-month extension of COBRA possible?

In the following situations, a qualifying event may be extended to 36 months: the demise of a former employer, a legal separation such as the former employer’s divorce, or the loss of a child. 

How Can I Contact COBRA Customer Service?

Live Chat is an alternative method of contacting the COBRA team, as well as calling their customer support line at 1-877-262-7241. 


COBRA Insurance provides health insurance coverage for employees who require coverage immediately. However, that does not mean you cannot rescind this coverage; with the assistance of your plan administrator, you may terminate the COBRA Policy at any time.

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