How Do You Cancel Your Kikoff Credit Account? Ways To Close Account

How Do You Cancel Your Kikoff Credit Account? Ways To Close Account

Kikoff guarantees a solid foundation for your credit scores in exchange for a nominal monthly fee. Does it function correctly? If not, we will assist you in canceling your Kikoff account. 

Kikoff is a company that specializes in credit building and boosting credit scores. Using your Kikoff account, you can monitor and improve your credit scores. This organization provides three product categories: credit accounts, credit builder loans, and credit plus cash cards. 

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How Do You Cancel Your Kikoff Credit Account?  You can terminate your account by logging into your Kikoff Credit Account or by sending a cancellation email to their customer service department. 

Later in this article, a comprehensive explanation of these two methods to terminate the account will be provided. 

Can My Kikoff Credit Account Be Canceled?

You may deactivate your Kikoff Account anytime if you have achieved financial control. 

However, remember that if you have already made one or more payments, your account will be reported to the credit bureaus as a tradeline, negatively impacting your credit scores if you close the account. 

Therefore, you must maintain an active account and settle past-due payments. 

How Do I Online Cancel My Kikoff Credit Account?

To terminate or cancel a Kikoff Account, including the Credit Account, Credit Builder Loan, and Credit + Cash Card, proceed by logging into the account and adhering to the instructions. 

If you are experiencing login difficulties, please submit a support ticket and a member of their staff will assist you. 

How Do I Email To Cancel My Kikoff Credit Account?

Alternatively, you may request cancellation of your Kikoff Credit Account via email to the Kikoff customer service department. 

Follow these straightforward steps to terminate your account via email. 

Launch the email client on your device.

Send an email requesting that their team deactivate your Kikoff account.

Subject Line: “Request to close my Kikoff account.”

Upon completion, please deliver the composed email to [email protected]

You will be notified via email that your account has been closed and has a zero balance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Kikoff account closure affect credit scores?

Undoubtedly, terminating a Kikoff account can affect one’s credit score. This is because credit scores consider both credit utilization and total credit limit. 

Additionally, your account’s average age will decrease upon your credit account’s closure. It is advisable to maintain an active account to achieve optimal results. 

How Can Kikoff’s Customer Service Be Contacted?

Should you require assistance from their service team, please email them at [email protected] or [email protected]


We sincerely hope that this article assists you in permanently closing your Kikoff account. How Do You Cancel Your Kikoff Credit Account? Select one of the procedures mentioned above to terminate the account. Immediately contact Kikoff customer service if, after completing your account, you still need to receive a confirmation email. 

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