How To Cancel Boost AI Subscription? Easiest Way To Cancel!!

How To Cancel Boost AI Subscription? Easiest Way To Cancel!!

Your company does not appear to require the conversational AI system that you developed using Boost AI. You will, therefore, terminate your Boost AI subscription to Know How To Cancel Boost AI Subscription.

Boost AI is the preeminent AI conversational platform capable of generating a personalized virtual conversational agent to engage in dialogue with clients and generate favorable outcomes for an organization. 

To terminate your Boost AI subscription, don’t hesitate to contact their customer service department and request that they handle the cancellation request. 

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Which means of communication can be used with the Boost AI service team? Well!! This information is available in the article. 

Define Boost.Ai.

Well!! Whether your company is new or established, Boost AI provides its clients with the highest quality AI services to aid in its expansion.

Most business professionals subscribe to it to generate conversational virtual AI agents of superior quality for their organizations, which can be utilized for customer service. 

Banking, finance, telecommunications, government, and information technology organizations utilize boost AI. 

How Do I Cancel My Subscription to Boost AI?

Upon concluding that Boost AI is no longer advantageous for your organization, you proceed with the cancellation of its subscription. 

To terminate your Boost AI subscription, please utilize the Boost AI Contact Form to submit a formal request to their customer service department. 

Complete the following form fields: First Name, Last Name, Work Email, Phone Number, Job Title, Organisation, Location, and Message. 

Click “Submit” to have your form delivered to their team upon completion. 

Their team will contact you once they have received your form; you will then be required to request the cancellation of your Boost AI subscription. 

Boost Alternatives to AI

Do you wish to test out alternative services after terminating your Boost AI account? You can then evaluate the following top alternatives to Boost AI. 

The Tidio

The most prevalent AI platform, utilized primarily by sales organizations, is Tidio. It provides chatbot and live conversation services in a single location. 

Organizations utilize the Tidio platform to communicate with customers and gain insights regarding their sales and company particulars. 


ManyChat Another conversational AI platform, ManyChat, can generate marketing-oriented AI apps for Facebook Messenger.

An available version is the free one. You may evaluate its services before making a final decision regarding your continued use of this platform.

The smartsupp

Smartsupp is an AI platform that provides enterprises with chatbot and human services. 

You can engage in live conversation with your customers or visitors to make sales-related inquiries.

The Haptik

Haptik, the preeminent conversational AI platform of 2023, is implemented by most significant and developed organizations. 

This platform generates an intelligent virtual agent capable of overseeing the purchase process and the company’s customer service. 

In conclusion

Because Boost AI features an intuitive interface, it is adored by many individuals. You can deactivate Boost AI at any time if you have thoroughly investigated it. 

Subsequently, communicate with their team via a straightforward Contact Form and terminate your Boost AI subscription. I sincerely hope that this approach proves effective for you.


Is the process of terminating a Boost AI subscription complex?

Not at all; the procedure is straightforward and can be completed in a few short steps.

Can I Receive A Refund If My Boost AI Subscription Is Cancelled?

Variations in refund policies are possible. For more information, it is advisable to consult the official refund policy of Boost AI or to reach out to their customer support.

What alternative methods exist for enhancing the performance of conversational AI systems?

Some alternatives include Bard, Azure Conversational Platform, and Intel® Deep Learning Boost.

How Do I Communicate With Boost AI Customer Service Regarding Inquiries Regarding My Subscription?

You can communicate with them through their website’s live messaging feature, telephone, or email.

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