How To Cancel Delta Credit Card? 4 Ways To Cancel

How To Cancel Delta Credit Card? 4 Ways To Cancel

We acknowledge that if you desire to terminate your Delta credit card for unsatisfactory services or annual fees, you may follow the comprehensive instructions and procedures detailed in How To Cancel Delta Credit Card? in this article.

Life is replete with fluctuations, which may necessitate reevaluating one’s financial decisions, including using credit cards. If you possess a Delta credit card and are compelled to terminate it, this blog will provide a comprehensive, step-by-step explanation of the necessary procedures. We have you covered whether you wish to close your account or switch to a different card.

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Delta Cards are airline credit cards jointly issued by American Express and Delta. Using a Delta credit card to make purchases earns you incentive miles for the initial six months. This card provides its holders with numerous perks and rewards, including complimentary luggage checks and access to airport lounges. 

Canceling a Delta credit card has been significantly simplified; you can contact them via phone or postal mail.

How Do I Cancel My Delta Credit Card Via Phone?

To terminate your Delta credit card, please dial 1-800-492-3344 to speak with a customer service representative. You will find a phone number on the reverse of your card; you can also contact them using this number.

You may communicate your concerns and the reason for the cancellation to their team, who will assist you in resolving the matter in the most efficient manner feasible.  

How Can I Cancel My Delta Credit Card Via Mail?

Before closing your Delta credit card account, you must visit the company’s website and retrieve the cancellation form. Complete the form accurately and affix a written request; deliver to the following mailing address:

79998-1535 American Express, P.O. Box 981535 El Paso, Texas

This procedure will require additional time, but you will certainly complete the task.

Can You Cancel Your Delta Credit Card Using a Mobile App?

Easily cancel your card through their mobile application’s Live Chat feature. Request a cancellation of your card via live messaging with a customer service representative by logging into their mobile application.

How Do I Cancel My Delta Credit Card In Person?

Conversely, a Delta credit card cancellation can be processed at the American Express branch in your vicinity. Cancelling your card in person is considerably more streamlined and practical.

While their customer service representatives will assist you in closing the card, all outstanding balances must be paid in full before the cancellation. 


Will Cancelling a Credit Card Affect My Credit Score?

There are several situations in which closing a credit card will negatively affect your credit score. For instance, if your account is in excellent standing and you choose to complete the card, it will negatively impact your FICO credit score.

Can I Receive A Refund For The Annual Fee Upon Card Cancellation?

If you deactivate the credit card within thirty days of the date that your bill appears on the statement, you will indeed receive a full refund. 


You can only close your credit card when you have a valid purpose. Because possessing a significant number of credit cards will not adversely affect one’s credit score, provided that they are utilized responsibly. We can guarantee that this article will assist you in effortlessly canceling your Delta credit card. 

Several actions are required to cancel a Delta credit card to guarantee a seamless and uncomplicated procedure. After the closure, it is crucial to conduct a thorough review of your account, communicate with the customer service representative, settle any outstanding balances, and diligently monitor your credit report. Before deciding to revoke a credit card, ensure that you thoroughly understand the potential repercussions on your credit score. Your financial objectives and requirements should guide your credit card management whenever possible.

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