How to Make Your Third Party Warehousing Business More Efficient

How to Make Your Third Party Warehousing Business More Efficient

How to Make Your Third Party Warehousing Business More Efficient: The third-party logistics (3PL) industry is thriving. Globally, it was valued at $1.3 trillion in 2021, and it’s forecast to hit $2.8 trillion in 2023. This represents a compounded annual growth rate of 8 percent.

You definitely made a savvy decision to open a third-party warehousing business. As the e-commerce industry expands, the demand for 3PL warehousing services will keep rising.

Is your 3PL business well-positioned to take advantage of this growth? What are you doing to make it more operationally efficient?

If you need help streamlining your warehouse, you’ve come to the right place. Here are three practical tips you can implement.

1. Stay on Top of Inventory Management

As a 3PL warehouse, your primary function is to receive, store, and ship your clients’ orders. This means that at any given time, you’ll be handling different types of goods coming from and going to various locations. As such, your inventory management strategy can either break or make your business.

You need to have an accurate picture of everything that’s in the warehouse and where it’s located. This way, you’ll be able to alert your customers where their stock is running out before it does, as well as save valuable time when you need to collect something for dispatch.

There’s a lot that goes into proper inventory management, but at the heart of it is technology. There are several SaaS companies offering solutions that can make your stock management more efficient. Read this page about stock reports to get a glimpse of what you stand to gain by embracing technology.

2. Build a Strong Warehouse Team

Even as warehouse automation becomes more commonplace, the need for personnel isn’t going to go away any time soon. You still need people to manage the technology, and there are roles that only humans can fill.

Therefore, it’s essential to build a strong warehouse workforce. Hire people who are qualified for the roles you’re looking to fill, and give them adequate on-the-job training to enhance their competence.

Ensure your warehouse isn’t understaffed. If it is, it will take longer to complete various tasks, which will make your warehouse less efficient. Also, always stay ready to bring in more workers on short notice, especially during busy periods.

3. Work With Reliable Service Providers

As a small 3PL business, you don’t have the financial might of large companies like Walmart and Amazon. Consequently, you don’t have your own distribution and shipping infrastructure. The alternative is to work with companies that provide the services you need to be a one-stop third-party logistics firm, such as shipping carriers.

When a client uses your service, they don’t give much thought to what goes behind the scenes to get the job done. Whether you’re outsourcing some functions isn’t their problem, just as long as orders are being executed with ruthless efficiency.

Be sure to hire service providers who have a reputation for efficiency. If you have an unreliable shipper, for example, it won’t be long before your clients start complaining.

Run a Thriving Third Party Warehousing Business

Your clients want reliable and efficient third-party warehousing services. You need to give them just that; otherwise, you’ll lose out to your competitors. These tips should help you take care of the basics and increase your efficiency. Small Business Order Fulfillment: Strategies for Minimizing Costs

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