How to stay fit while working from home!

How to stay fit while working from home!
How to stay fit while working from home!

The current trying time with physical activity and commuting reduced to the minimum or in some cases completely zero the biggest challenge is how to remain fit and not become a couch potato.

Gone are the days when one would rush to the gym do a quick or scheduled work out and then get on to work. Now there are no options or limited options of commuting. It is best to work with the minimum resources that one has at their disposal and make the most of it by utilizing it to the maximum.

 How to stay fit while working from home!

                                                                                  How to stay fit while working from home!

Here are a few essential things you can do in the new WFH culture to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind in these trying and difficult times. 


  • Try and assemble a few equipment-like dumbbells, resistance bands, skipping ropes, and create a simple yet regular regime combing a few exercises.
  • Take online training from experts or watch youtube videos to understand the basic exercises you can do at home to maintain your fitness levels.
  • Eat the right kind of food that prevents bloating. Eat well-regulated meals and eat on time. 
  • Stick to home food and avoid ordering junk food.
  • Team up with a like-minded friend or family member and exercise and work out together. Motivate each other to keep up each other’s spirits high.
  • Keep moving after sitting for long spells.
  • Practice breathing exercises for mental and emotional well-being and to maintain high immunity especially during the pandemic.
  • Try and take brisk walks for half an hour at least in your garden or if you don’t have one then inside your apartment, earmark an area where you can practice this.
  • Use the stairs in your building or apartment for some good cardio work out.

Remember, staying physical exercise is one part of staying fit, do take care of your mental and emotional well-being too!


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