Ian Wright creates virtual boards with Board advisors for struggling business owners during the pandemic

Ian Wright
Ian Wright

In 2019, Virtualnonexecs.com was launched by Tech entrepreneur, Ian Wright. The objective of this, was to assist businesses in zeroing down on Board Advisors and non-executive directors without shelling out high recruitment fees. In the US companies have the capacity to pay in excess of $50,000 and $100,000+ in order to recruit non-executive directors.

42-year-old Ian Wright, has initiated a community of 11000+ well networked and highly reputed Board Advisors. A majority of these have had executive careers spanning many years and many of them are also well experienced in scaling and selling businesses.

Ian Wright
                                                                 Ian Wright

 Ian Wright’s endeavour during the pandemic of free virtual boards for business owners who were acing difficult and strenuous times, was well received and became a huge success. Many executives who were experiencing stress, benefitted through networking and connections. There were various ways in which the connections that they made, helped them. They undertook business disposals, fund raising, through networking, amongst other ways of helping out.

Ian Wright who is based in the North West of England commented on the insight that they had gathered during the initiative if the virtual boards. It was revealed that there was a great degree of disconnect between the CEOs who were running businesses and the professional advisory committee that was keenly interested in meeting and associating with them. BoardAi in Ian Wright’s opinion, aims at eliminating the stressful and laborious task for businesses that seek an entry into new markets.  When business owners contemplate the sale of their business, they look for advisors, and that is not the best option, this is where Board Ai comes in once again.

Ian Wright mentions that this product comes with a variety of solutions. It has 11000 Board Advisors and 20000 + Board rooms that are accessible. The community can access almost every board room.

Ian Wright says this unique product is all set to change the way businesses expand and grow their network!

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