Idrees Kickz built the Woiair brand at Just 16-Years of age, how did he do it?

Idrees Kickz built the Woiair brand at Just 16-Years of age, how did he do it?
Idrees Kickz built the Woiair brand at Just 16-Years of age, how did he do it?

The teenager entrepreneur who has been taking the e-commerce space by storm with his sneaker business is now all set for his other business ventures to become a hit.

There has never been any dearth of talent across business industries and one can say this without a shadow of a doubt that most of the individuals who have been behind the exponential rise of these business industries, especially the online world are youngsters. An ocean of opportunities is what e-commerce and other online mediums offer people and how one takes the best out of all these opportunities is what defines the success of an individual. The business of sneaker reselling has been on the rise since many years now, which has allowed many youngsters to take their passion for shoes and sneakers to an altogether another level. Racing ahead many in the same sector is Idrees Kickz, who very early in life realized his love for sneakers and decided to be an e-commerce entrepreneur at 16 years reselling the same with some big brands at hand with his firm “Woiair.”

Today, this 19-year-old successful sneaker reseller and entrepreneur from Canada has dived deep into the world of entrepreneurship and have come up with his other online ventures as well, in real estate, merchandise, and digital space. He shares a few tips which can help aspiring sneaker resellers to enter the market and gain desired profits.

Idrees Kickz built the Woiair brand at Just 16-Years of age, how did he do it?

• Carrying out complete research: Idrees Kickz had begun his journey at only 13 years and his passion towards sneakers led him to get into the e-commerce world with his firm Woiair at the age of 16. It was thorough planning and extensive research that helped him in the industry, coupled with his passion and knowledge about the sneakers he was vying to sell. Hence, he suggests one must carry out complete research and know more about the niche for gaining more profits.
• Choosing the right platform: E-commerce has been on the rise since so many years and what better platform than this could have been for young Idrees Kickz to start his career. He advises other youngsters to go online with their stock and most importantly focus on the quality of the sneakers and shoes, to stand apart as a sneaker reseller
• Excellent packaging is equally important: Idrees Kickz is of the view that a customer always remembers the buying experience the most. How a brand or a service made them feel when they delivered their products/services timely and how authentic they were with their packaging are all those things that can help in multiplying the sales, in turn making the sneaker resellers more profitable.
• Being realistic in pricing: Just because a sneaker reseller thinks that he has the best quality sneaker brands, he must also pay attention to affordable pricing. Underpricing or overpricing both could be an issue points out Idrees Kickz. Hence, having a competitive price can attract more customers, helping individuals to earn more profits.

Following all the above ways, Idrees Kickz reached where he is today, expanding his brand Woiair in other verticals as well, like merchandise for selling unique designed and comfortable clothes online; real estate for building luxurious homes and properties and digital agency for taking brands and businesses to greater heights with robust digital services.

All this only proves that passion and perseverance can help any individual draw their success story.

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