India Clean Sweep Their Way to a 3-0 Win Against Zimbabwe

India Clean Sweep Their Way to a 3-0 Win Against Zimbabwe

India is busy touring Zimbabwe, as they prepare for the World Cup coming up ahead. It is not only the World Cup; India is also looking forward to the Asia Cup. With so much on the plate it is only fair to put their best foot forward. Such an abundance of sporting events is the perfect opportunity to try out some sports betting at betway app download

India had put on a strong front at the previous two matches. Well, the last ODI was no different as India won their way to a 3-0 victory against Zimbabwe. The Indian team had shared their desire to win a 3-0 victory against Zimbabwe, when they had been interviewed last time after the second ODI, as many sport news channels revealed. Cricket is an uncertain sport, and Zimbabwe’s Sikandar Raza tried his best to put a stop to India’s winning streak, but all in vain. The Men in Blue have come out with flying colours, and defeated all the obstacles blocking their way to success.

India won the toss, and KL Rahul made the decision to baat first, unlike the previous two matches. Dhawan and Rahul opened the match, but the pace of the match was slow. India lost their first wicket in the 14th over, as KL Rahul left after scoring 30 runs. Soon after, Shikhar Dhawan was caught out too; he had scored 40 runs. The total was now 84/2 at 20.6 overs. Finally, Gill entered the pitch, and shouldered the responsibility for India’s win. In only 97 balls, he scored a massive 130 runs, which allowed India to put on a decent number on the scoreboard. Gill’s was the 7th wicket to fall, but all the batsmen who came in with Gill, made sure to keep him in the batting position. Kishan made the longest partnership with Gill, and managed to get a half-century of his own, before returning to the pavilion. India’s brilliant innings was over in 49.3 overs, as India lost all their wickets. The final score was 289/8. 

When it was West Indies’s turn to bat, Kaitano and Kaia opened for their team. The first wicket was lost pretty quickly, in the 3rd over, when Kaia was caught in an LBW. By the 26th over, when the scoreboard only showed 120 runs, West Indies had lost 5 wickets. But then, Raza came in, and put in valiant efforts to save the match. He scored 115 off 95 balls, and managed to bring the score to an impressive 275 in the 48th over. Just when India’s chances of winning seemed to be dwindling, Raza was caught out by Gill, and the score stood at 275/9 in 48.3 overs. Finally, in the 49th over, Zimbabwe lost their 10th wicket, with only 276 runs on the board. Thus, India won the match by 13 runs. S Gill won the Player of the Match, as well as the Player of the Series. Know the richest Indians in the country as of 2021

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