India is likely to free an ex-marine who is currently on death row in Qatar.

India is likely to free an ex-marine who is currently on death row in Qatar.

India is likely to free an ex-marine who is currently on death row in Qatar. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar stated that he had met with the families of the detained Indians and conveyed to them that their case was of the utmost significance to the government.

According to Indian media, the eight were detained in Doha in August 2022. Among them were captains who had previously commanded warships and were former high-ranking and decorated officers.

Jaishankar stated in a social media post that he “completely sympathized with the families’ concerns and suffering” and that “the government will continue to exert every effort to secure their release.”

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Regarding the case, Qatar has not issued a statement, and the accusations remain confidential.

Admiral R. Hari Kumar, the head of the Indian navy, told reporters on Monday that the government was exerting “every effort” to “obtain relief for our personnel.” The verdicts were not disclosed until the previous week when the foreign ministry of India expressed its “shock” at the incident.

The eight men were employees of Al Dahra, a Gulf-based corporation that, according to its website, provides “complete support solutions” to the aerospace, security, and defense industries.

The Hindu newspaper reported that the men were conducting espionage for a “third country,” whereas the Times of India stated that “multiple reports alleged they were conducting espionage for Israel.”

The government of Israel has remained silent regarding the affair.’The sibling of one of the men, Meetu Bhargava, refuted the accusations.

“The age of my sibling is 63 years… What motivated him to conduct intelligence for Israel? “What prompted him to act in such a manner given his age?” Bhargava’s statement was cited daily in the Indian Express.

She threatened to seek “personal intervention” from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she stated.

The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared last week that it would discuss the verdict with Qatari authorities and proceed with “extending all consular and legal assistance” to the prisoners.

Executions are infrequent in Qatar’s practice, and the Gulf state has previously declared that the death penalty is equivalent to life imprisonment.

After a twenty-year lapse, the nation executed one condemned Nepalese migrant laborer in 2020, as reported by Amnesty International.

Historical amicable relations have existed between New Delhi and Doha, an essential provider of natural gas to India. Migrant laborers comprise over two-thirds of Qatar’s 2.8 million inhabitants, with a significant proportion holding Indian citizenship.

Qatar, a nation that has supported Gaza financially and houses a Hamas political secretariat, has been associated with mediation endeavors aimed at facilitating the exchange of prisoners between the Palestinian armed faction and Israel.

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