Introducing Again Coin—A Blockchain-Based Loyalty Reward Coin Capable of Payment

Again Coin
Again Coin

Each time a purchase is made with Again Token, the user will receive 5% back in Again Coin. Again, a blockchain-based loyalty rewards token capable of payment, has announced the “Next Generation Loyalty Rewards Program” powered by the company’s hybrid ecosystem. Users will receive instant and exclusive cashback rewards on purchases made through the Loyalty Rewards Program. The platform also allows exchanges absolutely free and instant.

Again Coin
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“Customers get an instant 5% back in Again tokens when they purchase a product or service through the Again ecosystem. Retailers and businesses seeking to increase sales and gain lifetime customers are excited to implement a free of charge loyalty rewards program since it rewards them for their purchases and brings more sales and a stronger sense of loyalty to the brand,” said Name, Role of Again.
Again rewards token is the first part of a 3-core hybrid ecosystem. The second part is the Again Financial System, comprising the Again Wallet, Again Exchange, and the Payment Processor. Again Wallet lets users store and send their rewards. The earned rewards can then be exchanged or cashed quickly on Again Exchange. This exchange utilizes seven popular cryptocurrencies and offers high transaction speed as well as zero fees.

The third part of the ecosystem comprises Again’s core projects. Digital Kingdom, a digital assets platform, is live and functional. Domr, a domain registrar, web hosting platform, and cloud hosting service provider; and Assisted Living, personalized senior living options, are in the final testing stages. The company is currently offering special loyalty reward incentives for a limited time, where customers can receive either 100%, 50%, or 25% cashback in rewards by making a purchase or a sale at one of the core projects in the Again hybrid ecosystem.
“Our mission is to empower anyone with a smartphone with the benefits of Blockchain Technology through the user-friendly Again ecosystem to begin reaping its benefits. We invite everyone to visit the platform and join the company’s journey in sharing, yet again, another good news with the world,” said Last Name (if it’s the same person)

After going through presale, Again is now conducting an IEO through To sign up and take advantage of the ongoing promotions, or to know more about Again, visit

Name:Corneliu Capusan
Company: Again Rewards PTY. LTD
Email:[email protected]

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