Is there a link between diabetes and skin allergies?

Is there a link between diabetes and skin allergies?
Is there a link between diabetes and skin allergies?

Many of us know about diabetes and also about skin allergies separately, but have we ever wondered if the two health conditions are linked? Diabetes is the modern world is increasingly becoming a very common disease. The way our lifestyles are shaping up is leading to an increased risk of this disease.

Recently, people have learned that this imbalance in sugar levels leads to skin disease too. Some medical practitioners say that changes in skin conditions could be an indicator that you are either suffering from that disease or are gradually progressing towards that.

Type 2 diabetes affects more than 75 percent of the population, all over the world. High glucose in the blood leads to reduced or poor blood circulation and the nerves and blood vessels are deprived of nutrients. The white blood cells lose their capability of fighting infections. The skin collagen is damaged and the ability of the skin to heal is greatly diminished.

Is there a link between diabetes and skin allergies?
                     Is there a link between diabetes and skin allergies?

The skin becomes damaged and also becomes very sensitive to temperature and changes in pressure. However, if you are aware that there could be a linkage between the two then if you notice such changes, you can seek medical help faster. People with diabetes are more at risk of fungal infections. The skin becomes dry and cracked. Open wounds heighten the chance of infections. People with diabetes have higher chances of contracting bacterial infections.
While it is good to always take the advice of a medical practitioner some home remedies can also be practiced. These remedies can be done using ordinary readily available ingredients from the kitchen. Turmeric powder, honey, and other ingredients can be used to prepare mixes and pastes. Oatmeal paste on the skin, ghee on the lips can go a long way in reducing chapped and dry skin.

Disclaimer: The above article is based on internet research by the team of Pro magazine and should not be taken as medical advice or information.

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