It’s Time for the Summer Garden Clean-Up

It's Time for the Summer Garden Clean-Up

The weather nowadays is so unpredictable, with rain, sun, more rain and wind, it’s no surprise to look out to the garden and see a total mess. There is no better time to begin the big tidy-up than in the height of summer. But like any big clean-up, your summer garden clean-up may begin with a dreaded look at the mess and you may even try to put it off. Luckily we’re here with a list of expert tips on how to begin cleaning up your garden.

Leaf Clearing

Leaf clearing is one of the main ways to have your garden looking back to normal, if your garden is covered in leaves it can make it very untidy, it can also be harmful to grass if leaves are lying on it, they can cause it to discolour and die which may cause more problems. Thankfully, leaf cleaning is a relatively easy process, and can be a pleasant way to spend the weekend. There is no need to do any preparation, other than trying to ensure heavy garden furniture is out of the way. Leaves can be raked, brushed or blown (if you have a leaf blower tool) into corners, into bags or directly handled and put into a garden waste bin.

Cut the Grass

Another simple, but enjoyable way to kickstart your summer garden clean-up is to cut the grass. Once the grass has been cleared of leaves and any other debris, it will be a good idea to get the lawnmower out and trim the grass. Whilst a simple grass cut will certainly improve the overall look of your garden, you may also use an edging tool to have the edges of your lawn looking in great condition, and if you have any hedges or trees, you can trim them too.

Keep Everything in Good Order

Moving onto the slightly more difficult tasks but still as important, keeping your garden’s features in good order will be key to the summer garden clean-up. With the wind and rain, your fence may discolour, garden furniture may break or hinges may fall off. Begin by repainting your fences and gates. You may choose to just go with one coat with the current colour, or freshen up the overall look with a new colour. There are other simple, but effective ways to give your garden a fresh look besides painting, such as replacing handles, house number signs, and hinges. These could be a new colour or just a simple replacement if they were previously rusty. If you have an outdoor sitting area you could update this, if a whole new furniture set is out of your budget you could add outdoor rugs or cushions which will give the area a new look and feel.

Clean the Gutters

Similar to the floor of your garden, leaves can clog your gutters, but this time it can cause significantly more damage. Clogged gutters can lead to rainwater overflow which can cause water damage on the inside and outside of your home. You can attempt to clean your gutters yourself if you have the right equipment, but due to the importance and difficulty of the job it may be best to call in the experts, you can find gutter cleaning services here.

Get rid of Clutter

You may have some clutter lying around your garden, garden tools etc. or if you have children there may be garden toys left out, lying around. If you have storage boxes or a shed you could put them in storage, however, you may no longer have a use for these products, so take a trip to the local recycling centre to dispose of them. Or if they’re still in good condition you could donate or sell them to someone who will give them a new life (if they’ve been lying in your garden they may need a clean).

Plant Flowers

It’s critical to determine the sort of soil you have before selecting plants for your garden. Different plants prefer different soils, and you may need to amend your soil before planting. Once you’ve sorted your soil and chosen your plants, dig a hole suitable for your chosen plant. Once the plant is in, at least one watering can full of water should be used to water the plant. During dry weather, continue to water in this manner at least once a week for the first year after planting.

Whether your summer garden clean-up involves going all out to have your garden looking in perfect condition, or just wanting to give it a quick tidy-up, these tips will come in handy. While some just help get your garden looking great, others such as gutter cleaning will be more beneficial for preserving the interior and exterior of your home.

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