Jakneceya Womack assists first time homebuyers in overcoming financial hurdles .

Jakneceya Womack
Jakneceya Womack

Credit and homeownership offer much-needed financial stability to individuals. Jakneceya Womack’s company J&G Credit Recreations helps people, creates wealth for generations. They can also overcome their current financial crisis. This is very crucial for first-time home buyers. Homeownership is an asset that can generate wealth, but in modern times for owning a home, you need a good credit line. The credit repair service of Jakneceya Womack’s company helps individuals do just that. Jakneceya Womack an African American woman is just 22 and has already assisted over 500 families to overcome their financial struggles while buying a home for the first time, she strongly believes that parents can leave homes as assets for their children. She believes that it is important for families to understand and appreciate the importance of homeownership and credit.

Jakneceya Womack
                                                                        Jakneceya Womack

She hopes to improve the divide and close the gap between homeownership of Whites, Africans, and Americans. Through her company and her expertise, Jakneceya Womack helps individuals in many beneficial ways regarding financial stability and homeownership. She had discovered during the course of her work that over 80 percent of the credit reports information was incorrect. She dies her best to ensure that her clients file accurate credit reports as per the demands of the FCRA law. As a youngster, Jakneceya Womack never learned about credit as a subject in school, since it wasn’t taught. At the age of 20, when she bought her first car, she learned how important having a good credit score was. She did a lot of research on credit and how to have a good credit standing. She then started using her expertise to help people who were close to her. She helped people understand the importance of credit. She has also authored a book “The Guide to Excellent Credit “which will help people learn a lot about good credit id importance and how it can be improved.

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