Jay Leno discloses fire burns and discharged from the hospital

Jay Leno discloses fire burns and discharged from the hospital

Jay Leno discloses fire burns and discharged from the hospital, After a 10-day stay at the Grossman Burn Center for numerous procedures to treat third-degree burns he sustained on his face and hands in a fire in his Burbank garage, Jay Leno was released from the hospital on Monday.

“I am delighted with Jay’s development, and I am optimistic that he will make a full recovery,” Dr. Peter Grossman said to Fox News Digital.

In addition to scarring on his chest, the former presenter of a late-night talk show sustained “severe burns to his face and hands” on November 12 while working underneath one of his vehicles.

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“He wishes everyone a happy holiday and is looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with his family and friends.”

Standing next to a handful of the West Hills recovery facility team members who assisted in his healing before leaving for his house, Leno grinned.

Leno was believed to be in excellent spirits and giving out cookies to kids while receiving therapy, according to Grossman, who said this during a news conference last week.

The doctor said, “We’re thrilled to have him on our team. Leno’s injuries are “serious,” he continued, “but his condition is good.”

In an incident report provided to Fox News Digital by the Burbank Fire Department’s Battalion Chief Dave Burke, it was discovered that on November 12 at 12:28 p.m., authorities responded to an “emergency medical call.”

Soon after the incident, Leno provided Fox News Digital with a statement “A gasoline fire caused me to suffer severe burns. I am OK. I only need a week or two to recover.”

While Jay was at the burn facility, he underwent at least two procedures, one of which was a “surgical excision and grafting surgery.” He also needed to use a hyperbaric chamber to improve blood flow and reduce bacteria.

During a press conference last week, Grossman stated, “He seems to be a gentleman who doesn’t want to make a big out of this.” He often expresses a desire to return to his job. I had to tell him that these things take time and that he has to take a step back.

While his friend was healing, Tim Allen visited him. Tim Allen later tweeted, “Went to see my pal Leno in the hospital after his burn injury.

Brought some snacks and auto magazines. He appears to have merely stubbled his toe despite having severe burns. The villain is superhuman. With great care, he will recover quickly.

Leno has long been an expert on automotive culture. He worked as a mechanic while advancing in the stand-up comedy world and owns more than 280 specific vehicles.

Estimates of the impressive collection of rare, antique, and vintage cars’ worth range from $50 million to $100 million, depending on what experts believe some of these cars will eventually sell for. On “Jay Leno’s Garage,” Leno displays his prized collection of automobiles, motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles while chatting with car enthusiasts about their favorite makes and models.

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