Jennine Nwoko, leading LA Entertainment Attorney offers valuable guidance on how to start an independent law firm

Jennine Nwoko
Jennine Nwoko

The founder of CJN Law Group and one of the top and most successful business and entertainment lawyers In Los Angeles, is passionate about helping people start their own law firms. She helps people realise their dreams by helping them shape it into reality that is practical and achievable. 

Jennine Nwoko, initially started off by working for a large firm, after which she decided to branch off on her own. Jennine Nwoko, decided to make entertainment law her niche area of expertise. Following her passion, Jennine Nwoko, has emerged as a highly successful corporate litigator today. As part of her services Jennine offers legal help to a section of creative people who seek it in the fields of music, entertainment, fitness tech and influencing.

Jennine Nwoko
                                                                                                         Jennine Nwoko

CJN law group is located in Encino. Her work involves interacting with the best emerging talents in the entertainment world.

She wants to provide motivation to other emerging lawyers who are about to start their own firms.

Jennine Nwoko, says what stops most entrepreneurs is fear, and we must learn to conquer it as well as not get cowed down by other people’s opinions and negativity. Talking about her journey Nwoko says how she was forced to follow a traditional path based on the advice others gave her. She aligned her dream and vision with the changing landscape.

She advices entrepreneurs who want to set up their law firms, to get organised and then trying to acquire clients.  Listing out a customer base, studying competition and addressing small details before moving on to bigger problems is what is important according to her. The pricing and services must be clearly spelt out and listed initially to avoid any misconceptions and misunderstandings later.

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