Jewelry Brand ENGELSINN Launches an Exclusive Men’s Collection

It’s common to think of jewelry as a luxury that’s almost exclusively worn by women. As time has gone on, more and more men are discovering how accessories and jewelry can improve their appearance and allow them to express their personalities. The jewelry brand ENGELSINN has recently moved into the space of creating these items for men, and they’ve been surprised by how much demand there is for them.

ENGELSINN is a new company that only formed last year. Based in Germany, they sell their jewelry and accessories all around the world through their e-commerce website. When they started out, they were only selling items made for women, as that is the stereotypical market for these items. However, they soon learned that men wanted to feel attractive and powerful too, something that wearing stylish accents can help them accomplish. “We didn’t expect to make pieces for men, but we were so excited to learn that they were interested in our products,” said Michel Kania, the CEO of ENGELSINN. “We knew we had to help these men look and feel great with our unique style and outlook.” They rushed to add male-specific jewelry to their collection. Now, they offer armbands for men made of stone, including accents like crosses or crowns. Customers love the versatility of these pieces and how they can work with any outfit.

ENGELSINN’s jewelry has distinctive, high-end, and quality product designs that attract people from all around the globe. In addition to their products for men, they sell rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories for women. They started their business with four team members, but have quickly grown to a staff of 20 to accommodate demand for their products. ENGELSINN is very active on their Instagram account, which has over 352,000 followers. “We love showcasing our items in unique ways on the platform,” said Kania. “Customers get to see the pieces in action and on a model instead of by themselves. It’s a great way to get more attention from our customers, no matter whether they live in Germany or elsewhere.

Jewelry isn’t just for women anymore. Men can enjoy these items and look great sporting their armbands from ENGELSINN any day of the week.

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