Kamaal Mansoori a well known name, the owner of Amroha Suzuki and a off-road traveller known for his fabulous skills

Kamaal Mansoori
Kamaal Mansoori

Kamaal Mansoori was born on 14th September in the year 1987 at Amroha. He has a great interest in Spending time outdoors which reduces stress. Gaining a sense of accomplishment. Traveling to increase your self-awareness also Learn new skills. He has superior talents and is a man of his words. Kamaal’s hobbies include Off-road traveling which is the very same sense of adventure that has put the love of off-roading in many people’s hearts. A chance to leave the city, and conquer things put in your way is also a chance to get in touch with our roots and what got us where we are today.

Kamaal Mansoori
               Kamaal Mansoori

He’s also into sports like basketball and volleyball. Kamaal dreams to be a good human throughout his life as his strengths and weaknesses are his unique work. His struggles are never over the states. But He has still managed to put all his time and effort’s in his work to achieve the successful position of where he is today. We wish this multitasking man a future that he has always been dreaming of.

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