Kanye West claims George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose and wasn’t slain by Derek Chauvin. His family sues him for $250 million.

Kanye West claims George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose and wasn't slain by Derek Chauvin. His family sues him for $250 million.

Kanye West claims George Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose and wasn’t slain by Derek Chauvin. His family sues him for $250 million. After Kanye West’s controversial comments about George Floyd’s death, the mother of his daughter has filed a $250 million lawsuit against him.

West said that Floyd, who was killed by Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin in May 2020, had taken fentanyl and that Chauvin’s knee “wasn’t even on his neck like that.”

Now, Floyd’s family has sent a letter to West, 45, telling him to stop talking about Floyd on the Drink Champs podcast, which has since been taken down. In the lawsuit, Gianna Floyd’s mother, Roxie Washington, says that West made “false statements” about George in order to “promote his brands.”

The lawsuit also says that he said those things to “increase marketing value and revenue for himself, his business partners, and associates.”

Lee Merritt, a civil rights activist and lawyer, first hinted at a lawsuit on Sunday, even though he knew it was impossible to defame the dead. Lawyers say that West told “malicious lies” about Floyd in order to make money off of his death and the pain it caused his family.

In a statement, Nuru Witherspoon, a partner at The Witherspoon Law Group who is helping the family, said, “The child’s best interests come first.”

“Kanye West’s words are traumatising George Floyd’s daughter, and he’s making an unsafe and unhealthy environment for her.” In a press release, the family’s lawyers called West’s words “repugnant” and said, “Some words have consequences, and Mr. West will learn that.”

West made the crazy claims on Revolt TV’s Drink Champs podcast. He also made a number of other controversial statements in his latest rant.

He said that Floyd had died while praising Candace Owens’s documentary The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM.

The rapper said, “They gave the fentanyl to Floyd.” Look, the guy’s knee wasn’t even on his neck like that. “They said he screamed for his mother, who was his girlfriend.” It says so in the movie.’

Floyd died because Chauvin held his knee to Floyd’s neck for nine and a half minutes while Floyd yelled “I can’t breathe.” Dr. Andrew Baker, the chief medical examiner for Hennepin County, said that Floyd’s heart disease and use of fentanyl were not the direct cause of his death, but they did play a role.

The legal battle happened just a few years after Floyd’s death, when West joined the protest and became a public ally. During the podcast, he also suggested that Kris Jenner, who is 66 years old, had sex with Drake, who is 33 years old. He also said that “Jewish media” cut off an interview he did.

In other parts of the chat, West said, “Jewish people control the black voice,” and he joked that the “Jewish media” would fire a host for saying, “F**k Black Lives Matter.”

In the past few weeks, the father of four has been criticised for his strange actions, such as selling shirts that say “White Lives Matter.” He has also said some things that make people raise their eyebrows and that most people think are anti-Semitic.

In his Drinks Champs interview, West yelled, “Could you even run this interview?” Because Mav didn’t use my interview. You understand what I mean? They cut me off. I could not get into the Jewish media. Is this s**t hot or what?

West was banned from Instagram for 24 hours in March for making a racial slur against The Daily Show host Trevor Noah. In a statement, Twitter said that West’s account had been locked because he had “violated Twitter’s policies,” but they didn’t say which ones he had broken.

The American Jewish Committee called his comments about the Jewish community “anti-Jewish” and “dangerous” and got a lot of public backlash because of them.

They also talked about what he said on the Tucker Carlson show on Thursday, when he said that Jewish Jared Kushner made the Abraham Accords to “make money.”

This week, the Los Angeles Holocaust Museum asked a rapper from Chicago to come see their displays. In an Instagram post, the museum said, “Words matter, and words have consequences.”

“We really want you to come see us at the Holocaust Museum in Los Angeles so you can see how words can lead to terrible violence and genocides.” Six million Jews were killed because of words that led to stereotypes, racial and religious tropes, and putting the blame on others.

The American Jewish Council says that Jewish people are the targets of 60% of religious hate crimes in the United States, even though they only make up 2% of the population.

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