Keesha Gibson guides people on starting a business that is purposeful and structured

Keesha Gibson
Keesha Gibson

What if you have a business dream and are struggling to think how to establish it and suddenly somebody shows you the way. This is exactly what Keesha Gibson, has done. An e-book “Don’t Dream it, Plan It!” was released by Gibson Consulting & Solutions. Keesha Gibson is an entrepreneurial consultant, who through this guide tells entrepreneurs on how to start a business that had a purpose and a structure. She talks about how to create effective business plans.

Anybody pursuing a new venture will realise its utility. It shows how one can prevent new ventures from failing by avoiding certain mistakes. There are numerous small businesses that are doomed to failure unless a few key strategies are adopted and certain mistakes avoided. A detailed step by step approach is enumerated in the book. Growth strategies are suggested. Running businesses are also touched upon and how to keep them profitable and running is also suggested. Establishing and setting up a company needs an entirely different strategy and approach. If an entrepreneur has an effective business plan ready it will attract investors and funding is the premise on which Keesha Gibson give suggestions and advice. An entire road map is given and a way chartered forward for start-ups dwelling on the key essentials.

Keesha Gibson
Keesha Gibson

The mid 2020’s saw the pandemic wave and people looking at means to earn from home.  Working remotely and generating finances was on top of the mind for many. Many entrepreneurs dived into business ventures without the know how and proper study that was needed. Some of this desperation was the result of layoffs and loss of income that saw them think of quick ventures to embark upon. This however lacked proper planning. Gibson focuses on entrepreneurs aged 18 – 45 by drawing on her own experiences to impart knowledge and education on successful entrepreneurship.

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