Kishor D kumar a famous director and editor has finally claimed the position of a producer

Kishor D Kumar
Kishor D Kumar

Kishor D Kumar was born on 20th September 1992 at Lohaghat Uttarakhand and raised at Lohaghat, Agra, and Mumbai. He stepped into the industry as an assistant director in the Hindi film `Lashkar’. This young man never taught he would have massive achievements in his future as he adopted the concept of editing which is the ultimate step of filmmaking during which the dozens or hundreds of hours of raw film footage are pruned and woven into the final film. He gave all his precious time and dedication to his work and grabbed all the love and attention from the audience.

Kishor D Kumar
                                    Kishor D Kumar

Kishor’s hobbies includes to travel and explore, cooking, movies and cricket. His favourite star is (Leonardo DiCaprio) as he inspires him to work hard and never give up no matter what the situation is. His acheivements litreally uncountable because of his amazing skills. Kishor has worked as a concept writer in punjabi movies, Has done more than 10 tv serials and some movies as associate director & second unit director named Loot, Shooter, Din changey, Sanjivni and soooo many more and has now almost headed on to a producer position and is going to release a punjabi song soon under his production house named `Lady walk Productions’.

It has absolutely not been easy for him to achieve such success. He has given all his day and nights to see himself in this position today which is clearly shown in his amazing work which is known by everyone. Kishor strongly believes in hard work and not shortcuts because his hard work actually pays off. Kishore also worked for an NGO and also directed and edited the documentary on differently able children. He contributed his main work to the Indian television channels. He worked for many tv serials like Sasural Simar Ka, which was released on 13th April 2011, Baal Veer, which was released in 2012, Shooter, Din Changey, Meri Durga, and many more. He has maintained his well-known image in the industry by his skills and is now going to independently work and coordinate various aspects of film production and will have responsibilities of selecting the script, writing, editing, and arranging finances. He will definitely come up with some mind-blowing concepts and make people curious. We wish this talented man of his words all the success.

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