Kushal S Chandi takes to blogging to share his passion for cars

Kushal S Chandi
Kushal S Chandi

When Kushal S Chandi realized his passion for cars and how he could also start a rental service for luxury and exquisite cars his business idea was born. Kushal S Chandi decided to turn his hobby into a fruitful career. As the CEO of his company, holds hard work and value for money very high in his business dealings. Kushal S Chandi, entrepreneurship and starting his own business despite coming from a wealthy background.

Kushal S Chandi
                                                                                     Kushal S Chandi

He decided to share his knowledge about a wide array of cars with all car lovers through his blogs. His blogs give valuable information and insights on different cars to all those who love cars. He feels that blogging gives the opportunity to be expressive and write in detail and that is what he does.

At just 20 years of age, Kushal is well known today. Born and brought up in New Jersey, Kushal has had access to luxury cars and all newly launched models too. He has gained in-depth knowledge after studying the car category in detail. His career has given him the option of combining his passion that is discussing cars in detail and offering insights as well as earning online. He is a well-known car blogger today. His company Platinum Concierge Group gives access to a wide variety of rental cars for his clients.

At a time when youngsters and especially those from affluent families take to either continue running their family business and enjoy the wealth generated by their ancestors, Kushal is different. He understood and appreciated the value of money and decided to generate his own wealth and create his own legacy. He took stock of what he was capable of doing and took to car blogging as well as running his own company as an entrepreneur.

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