Lance was instrumental in preparing for the Cowboys’ matchup with the 49ers.

Lance was instrumental in preparing for the Cowboys' matchup with the 49ers.

Lance was instrumental in preparing for the Cowboys’ matchup with the 49ers. The Dallas Cowboys are trying to prepare for “Sunday Night Football” at Levi’s Stadium, where they will face the 49ers.

This includes consulting Trey Lance, a former signal-caller for the 49ers and current third-string quarterback.

Monday, Cowboys offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer told reporters that the team will rely heavily on Lance due to his familiarity with the offense and defense of San Francisco.

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Dak Prescott, the Cowboys’ starting quarterback, finds Lance’s analysis of the 49ers to be insightful after four days of practice.

Sincerely, he has been of great assistance,” Prescott told reporters on Thursday. “In the same way that their defense can maneuver, if we place them in particular positions, they may be required to make particular calls.” “Although some of them are visible on film, he has been accommodating in providing definitive answers regarding how they accomplished certain tasks.”

Lance acknowledges that he may be able to provide valuable insight, but he is also aware that the two organizations are already acquainted.

Lance stated, “I am doing everything I can to assist.” “However, these players have prepared extensively for the Niners in those pivotal contests over the past two years, so they know much about the offense. But, you know, I’m currently present and doing everything I can to assist. IT IS CERTAINLY THRILLING whenever I can play a larger role in assisting the team or Dak.”

“I’m trying my best to help those guys,” he reiterated. “So far, they’ve had an outstanding week of preparation, and those players are locked in. “They are well aware that this is a monumental game.”

While being queried about the knowledge Lance can impart to the Cowboys, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan minimized the significance of his former quarterback in the game planning of Dallas.

“To the greatest extent possible,” Shanahan told reporters on Wednesday. “You may view the performances on tape, and you may also describe what we examine and similar matters. This is typically possible if we have amassed a substantial amount of tape over the years and have been in business for some time. Therefore, presumably, he is constantly conversing with them and requiring them to concentrate solely on that instead of the mundane task of watching the tape.”

It is uncertain whether Lance’s insights will be instrumental in the Cowboys securing the victory; however, both teams are fully committed to preparing for what promises to be an exceptional contest of the season.

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