Leenalove makes social media work for her clients without making them spend too much


Leenalove has emerged as a social media star, who is known for giving tips to her clients on using social media at an economical cost and within their budgets. One of her major tips is to follow many social media content creators and get inspired by them. They can observe how they are managing their profiles.


Leenalove also advocates establishing business relationships with the accounts of these popular social media content creators. This will help in getting shouts outs o their pages as a free barter arrangement.  Leenalove believes that having a main account and a backup account can help. Sometimes the hard work and followers get lost so it is always good to save work and keep back up accounts. One of the best ways of getting a lot of engagement and hits on your social media posts according to her is to know at what time to post for the followers and audience. This also helps in increasing the number of followers. She tells individuals to be careful of trending hash tags and concentrate more on the content. She emphasises the role of collaboration and starting small in building up one’s social media presence. Leenalove also tells her clients to speak to creators who have received shout outs and understand how they benefitted from those. One must be able to do research and understand how paying for ads work. Leenalove makes a timeline of her investments and when the expected returns will come in and works keeping that timeline in mind. She warns her clients not to give in to the temptation of paying for ads. The content however, is the most important thing to keep clients engaged, therefore creators must focus on that before anything else.

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