Leslie Jordan, a cherished actor and online celebrity, has away at age 67.

Leslie Jordan, a cherished actor and online celebrity, has away at age 67.

Leslie Jordan, a cherished actor and online celebrity has away at age 67. Leslie Jordan, a cherished comic and actor best remembered for his work on “Will and Grace,” passed away, according to his agent.

He was 67

Without Leslie Jordan’s kindness and light, the world is undoubtedly a much darker place today. He was not only a huge talent and a pleasure to work with, but he also offered the country an emotional haven during one of its most trying moments. His magnificence as a son, brother, artist, comic, partner, and human being more than made up for his short stature. The only comfort one can have right now is knowing that he left this planet at the pinnacle of both his professional and personal lives, according to Sarabeth Schedeen, Jordan’s talent agency.

Jordan was engaged in an automobile accident on Monday morning in Hollywood, according to sources who spoke to the Los Angeles Times. There was a deadly accident, an LAPD official told CNN, but she did not provide any other information.

Moving to Hollywood of Jordan

Jordan wrote about his 1982 migration from Tennessee to Hollywood in his book “My Trip Down the Pink Carpet,” published in 2009. According to the book’s publisher, he “boarded a Greyhound bus destined for LA with $1,200 sewed into his underpants and never looked back.”

The Fall Guy, Designing Women, and The People Next Door are just a few of the television programs where the actor obtained work.

His recurring part as Karen’s friend Beverley Leslie on “Will & Grace” made him a fan favorite. Additionally, he made cameos in “The Cool Kids” and “American Horror Story.”

At the height of the pandemic, when his social media presence on Instagram took off and he attracted millions of followers, his celebrity shone even brighter.

Through the lens of comedy, Jordan used the platform to communicate about his hardships, past experiences, and family tales, many of which involved his cherished mother.

Jordan discussed his past substance misuse and more than 20 years of sobriety with CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

People frequently ask how to become sober and what the best method is, Jordan added. Yes, 120 days in the Los Angeles County jail. That will help you calm down.

In one article, Jordan claimed how a guard had told him that they had Robert Downey Jr. in custody and would be releasing Jordan and giving Downey Jr. his bed because the guard had seen how much Jordan despised being imprisoned.

Jordan remembered, “Pod A, cell 13, top bunk.” “I believe I am much to blame for Robert Downey Jr.’s success. I gave him a bed, honey.

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