Lessons in successful entrepreneurship began in a remote village in West Bengal for Biplab Kumar Sinha

Biplab Kumar Sinha
Biplab Kumar Sinha

We have often heard of the humble beginnings of entrepreneurs, and Biplab Kumar Sinha’s story is certainly one of those. He traveled the entire scale of zero to a hundred in his entrepreneurial journey. Biplab Kumar Sinha from a remote village in West Bengal with no big names to back him or assist him in his career is today a well-known name amongst entrepreneurs in Kolkata. Born on the 26th of July, 1984 in Bankura, his childhood was like any other small-town boy.  He then went on to complete his MBA and decided to be an entrepreneur. His professional journey was rife with difficulties, but he tided over every crisis through his grit and dedication to succeed. He received immense support from his father, and Biplab has a memorable 10 years of entrepreneurship behind him. He is grateful for the motivation received from his father to conclude challenges successfully.

Biplab Kumar Sinha
                                    Biplab Kumar Sinha

Biplab encourages all entrepreneurs who have the desire to fight challenges and emerge successfully. He creates an atmosphere of transparency and support in his organization for all entrepreneurs. He encourages individuals to realize their dreams. 

Biplab Kumar Sinha and his team of dedicated individuals, serve the orphans of “Ashiana’’ selflessly. The smiles that their efforts bring on their face Biplab says is their true reward. He is instrumental in providing jobs to more than 500 students. He focuses on serving the underprivileged.

The strong message that Biplab Kumar Sinha’s success story teaches is that humble beginnings or small towns/villages cannot deter a person from achieving success. An entrepreneur needs to have certain ingrained qualities and skills. The desire to brave all odds and difficulties with courage and dedication. The will to rise above obstacles that come in the way to emerge as a successful entrepreneur.

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