Look: NFL international Reacts To debatable Andy Reid Opinion

Look: NFL international Reacts To debatable Andy Reid Opinion

All through this Wednesday’s episode of First Take, the crew speculated about Eric Bieniemy’s destiny in the NFL. This dialogue led to Stephen A. Smith unleashing a ludicrous take concerning Chiefs head teacher Andy Reid. 

Smith believes Reid is costing Bieniemy a head education process due to the fact he’s the only one calling offensive plays inside the NFL. 

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“Andy Reid has price Eric Bieniemy a head education process in the national football League,” Smith stated. “We do not need to mention it, but it’s real. here’s the purpose why: Despite the fact that you’re the head, you don’t have to name performs, you selected to. Andy Reid no longer handiest called some plays, he made certain we knew what he referred to as performs. The NFL network knew he was known as performs.” 

NFL enthusiasts around the united states of America strongly disagree with Smith’s take, and rightfully so. 

For years, Reid has raved about Bieniemy’s capabilities as a train. Why has he been accused of costing his offensive coordinator an activity?

“No, he’s not,” one fan stated. “different OCs running under Andy Reid have gotten head training jobs.”

Another fan tweeted, “This guy irks me the way daily he reaches for a warm take when he doesn’t recognize sh…”

“Stephen A just talks to listen to himself communicate,” a 3rd fan commented.

At the quit of the day, Reid can not prevent different groups from overlooking Bieniemy. 

And while we are at it, permit’s no longer overlook that Matt Nagy and Doug Pederson have been offensive coordinators below Reid before becoming head coaches within the NFL.

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