Marco Laterza focuses on incorporating the new corporate outloook on health during the pandemic

Marco Laterza
Marco Laterza

The year 2020 brought with it many setbacks for businesses and individuals. It was a very challenging year. Businesses had to evaluate their strategies and rethink their vision and belief. One of the worst effects that the pandemic had was on the physical and mental health of individuals. The COVID -19 shutdowns, brought with it loss of jobs, loss of salaries, company closures, and all these proved very detrimental. 

Marco Laterza emerged as a well-known health expert during this period. His name was brought up in corporate circles, as a name associated with myriad health benefits. Marco Laterza has featured numerous times on the covers of various fitness magazines. He has displayed a strong passion for health and fitness. He started his career as a banker in wealth management. Being astute and professionally focussed, Marco Laterza decided to combine his love for fitness and health with his banking profession to create a healthy business exclusively for the corporate world. His career took off successfully and today he is a name to reckon with. He works as a health advisor and expert for the corporates. His clientele includes big companies, and businesses. 

Marco Laterza
                                    Marco Laterza

He offers his expertise and support by creating personalized plans for healthy habits and lifestyles, which the employees and management can adopt. Due to the pandemic, and the need for social distancing which led to the closure of gyms, etc, the exercise took a back seat. Marco Laterza, through his personalized plans, offers the opportunity to overcome physical and mental challenges. His plans, guidance, and advice will help individuals move towards positivity. Through his online sessions, one on one training, virtual sessions, health plans, Marco Laterza is focused on creating a healthy corporate work style.

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